September is the best month to start your new lawn and ensure you will be enjoying a luscious greenscape for many years to come. All it takes is a little work and determination!

To begin, consider three options for new lawn installation. They are sod, seeding by hand, or seeding by one of Lane Forest Products’ blower crews. While each offers their own advantages, one thing each method shares in common is that a well-prepared sub-surface will yield better results.



1. It is best to start with a “clean pallet”, so to speak. If you have small patches of dying grass, weeds, or other vegetation, it is best to kill all the existing cover. A good way of doing this is to cover the area with cardboard or plastic to avoid using a chemical herbicide. Using a rake, give a rough grade of the yard to break up and excavate compact soil.






2. Add 2-3 inches of compost –like Lane Forest Products’ blended mint or garden compost— and rototill the soil to a depth of 4-6 inches. Once tilled, use a rake to remove any rocks, roots or dense clods of dirt. This is a crucial step and will ensure an even, level yard for you and your family to enjoy. Be sure to grade your yard near your home by having it gently slope away from the foundation. This will eliminate drainage problems in the future.




3. Check your soil pH and add lime if necessary. If your lawn is considered acidic (below 7) you can use lime to raise the pH level. We suggest an ideal pH as between 6.5 and 7. In addition to correcting soil acidity, lime adds calcium and magnesium to soil. Such nutrients help to preserve a lawn’s color and protect from damage caused by heat, drought or traffic stress.


4. Roll your lawn using a sod roller (you can borrow one from Lane Forest Products with a deposit or purchase your own at most hardware stores) and add 1-2 inches of Lane Forest Products’ Lawn Base. Using a rake, grade the yard by dragging the rake around and around. As one of our professionals puts it, “become one with the grading rake” to ensure a smooth and even distribution of the soil mix.





If you are hand sewing seed, follow the distribution rate on the packaging for correct coverage. After you have laid the seed, gently rake the seed into the top ½” of soil to ensure germination. Top your new yard with a thin layer of mulch, bark dust, or peat moss to ensure your seed remains moist. If laying sod, follow the grower’s instructions or visit any of our locations for a turf Installation Guide.

Once you have prepared your yard, you are ready to install your new lawn. Following these simple steps will help give your lawn the best chance to survive and thrive, no matter what is your preferred method of installation. Visit any of our locations, or give us a call to discuss your specific lawn installation with one of our professionals.

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