Picked Up

You Haul

We sell our products the way you want them!

  • Self Service By the Bag
  • By the Bucket (yours or ours)
  • By the Super Sack or
  • By the pickup load

Our self service area gives you the opportunity to purchase exactly the product you need and the exact amount you need, environmental friendly with no waste. We like this!

For the gardener on the go, most of our soil, mulch, and compost comes pre-bagged for your convenience, each bag  holds  1 cubic foot of product; easy to carry to the exact spot when you arrive home.

For those with pickups it couldn’t be easier, drive up to our kiosk, tell us what you want, and we will load it for you…and you don’t even need to get out of your truck.

Supersacks are available for many products. For an additional charge, our super sack service is arranged with a phone call to our customer service team to arrange for packaging before you arrive to pick up your material.Orders take a minimum of 24 hours for us to fulfill.

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