Our Story

At Lane Forest Products, we have worked diligently over the past 35 years to provide the foundational products needed to create the most spectacular landscapes and to grow the most abundant gardens. Locally we are known for producing quality mulch products along with Planting Soils, Compost, Decorative Rock, and more. But behind the scenes, we manufacture and distribute organic materials to businesses like ours and nurseries throughout Oregon and California.

We also operate a licensed garbage and recycling collection company called Action Drop Box in the city of Eugene OR. and market a compost processing and cleaning machine called the Airlift Separator worldwide. We have also become a leader in the recycling of yard debris, wood debris, rock, and concrete.

No matter what we do, we feel that customer service with a quality product is our main priority, our staff understands that, and come from the position of genuinely wanting to be helpful. We are family-run business that strives to provide memorable customer service and exceptional products, while employing over 140 families.

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Our Business Overview

Our business straddles many functions, all in the world of living organic materials. We control the entire process from raw material acquisition, to manufacturing, customized blending, sales on all levels, distribution, wholesale, retail, marketing and delivery. To do this, we have built an infrastructure to accommodate the development and delivery of each product. We are determined to create products that produce excellent results; we strive to be innovative, practical and sustainable in all areas of product development. We believe everyone wins when we recycle Yard Debris and Wood Waste and have made it easy for the public to participate by making our retail yards easily accessible.

We also believe everyone should be able to experience growing a flower or vegetable — from a balcony planter to a backyard garden or a farmer’s field, all of our products are accessible, By the Bag, By the Bucket, By the Pick-Up Truck, Delivered by Dump Truck, by Rail Car, Semi-Truck or Blown in place. We remain open year round and our motto is ‘For every season there’s a reason to come to Lane.

Compost Operations Manager™ Certified

Our resident agrarians Tom Campbell and Dustin McCluskey have trained, tested and passed certification to become Compost Operation Managers™ certified through the United States Composting Council.

The Certified Compost Operations Manager™, or CCOM™, is the first in a series of compost-manufacturing industry certifications designed to recognize the accomplishments and competencies of composting professionals.