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Garden Color Palette

As I wander through nurseries I am always on the lookout for new hybrids.  Garden [...]

Small Trees Please!

A walk through the garden in the early morning and you’ll hear the sounds of [...]

The Sweet Smell of Life in the Garden

This time of year in the morning, things in the garden are still a little [...]

Lovely Blooms for Little Yards

A magical little secret is tucked away in the corner of the city, hidden by [...]

Beauty within a Winter Landscape

Beauty within a Winter Landscape Lazily reclining inside the warmth of the house I glance [...]

Brilliant Colors Against a Green Landscape

The sun is just barely coming up on the horizon as I step out into [...]

Trees for wet areas

Planting Trees in Wet Environments Stomping through mud puddles is a favorite pastime as a [...]

Firewise Gardening

Our future points to a pattern of increased drought in our landscape, which means a [...]

Nature’s Color Creations

The air is crisp and cool as the wind blows deciduous leaves to the ground [...]

It is Patio Time!

A perfect finish to a long work day is relaxing on the patio, which is [...]

A Bouquet of Sunshine

As we are approaching the end of summer there is still plenty of blooms in [...]

Bugs, Bees & Blooms

A garden of diversity is the best kind of garden. Your plants and the ecosystem [...]

Resilience in the Garden

It’s almost as if Summer is in full swing; the song sparrows are chirping all [...]

A Tisket a Tasket, Bring Me a Basket…

When I was working long days in a greenhouse our mantra was always “thriller, filler [...]

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