Blower Service

Save yourself time and hard work by arranging for our Blower Service!

Once you have used this service and experienced the immediate transformation of your yard with no effort, we’re convinced you’ll never spread mulch, lawn seed or planting soil by hand again! Using our service is especially helpful when you have areas that are set back from the street, on a slope, or over a barrier. We can even blow material on rooftop gardens!

We offer Blower Service for our Mulch, Soil Amendments, Planting Soils, and Lane Soil & Seed. Rock and gravel are not available by blower service with the exception of our 3/8 River Rock.

To prepare for our blower service, see our
Preparation Checklist:

  • Turn off sprinkler system
  • Keep children and pets away from the blower operation
  • Remove vehicles from the blowing area
  • Cover swimming pools and ponds
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Turn off the air conditioning system
  • And last, but not least– please thoroughly remove all animal waste from the work area

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