Wood Pellets

One 40 lb. bag of Pellets will produce enough heat to warm the average-sized home for a full day.

Wood Pellets

Fire Pits / Kits

Add some ambiance to your backyard setting and ward off the chill on cool evenings.

Fire Pits / Kits

Please call us at (541) 345-9085 to ensure we have stock available.

There can be residue in the delivery box along with larger pieces of bark and wood which splits from the logs as they are split. This is a naturally occurring process and it provides a great fire starter and kindling!

All of our firewood is aged, but unseasoned.

Firewood - Peeler Core

Firewood – Peeler Core – Green, Unseasoned

1 pallet (58 cu. ft.) – $165
$99 Local Delivery Charge

Species: Douglas Fir
Size: 3 ½ – 4” diameter, 15-16” in length
Available:All 3 locations
Delivery: Yes
Pick up: Yes – Sold by the pallet
Prep: none – ready to burn

Peeler Core pallets are delivered by flatbed truck and placed with a forklift.

Firewood – Mill Ends – Unseasoned

Price: $425 – 4 cord Minimum / INCLUDES LOCAL DELIVERY*

Species: Douglas Fir
Size: 12″-24″ in diameter and up to 6 feet in length
Available: Mill Direct
Delivery: Yes
Pick up: No
Prep: Requires splitting and chain saw work

This product is delivered direct from the mill. We will need a large, flat open area for delivery and prefer you to be on site. Please call for availability 541-345-9085.

Firewood - Pole Ends

Firewood – Pole Ends – Unseasoned

$199 cord or sold by the cubic foot – YOU HAUL

Species: Douglas Fir
Size: 12-24″ in diameter, up to 18″ in length
Available: Eugene and Springfield Yards ONLY (call ahead for availability)
Delivery: No
Pick up: Yes
Prep: Requires splitting with an axe

Dual purpose – great as a stool around a camp fire! Please call for availability as this wood goes fast!

Firewood - Uniformed Split

Firewood – Uniform – Unseasoned

$240 cord or sold by the cubic foot – YOU HAUL

Species: Douglas Fir
Size: Approximately 16″ in length
Available: All 3 locations (call ahead for availability)
Delivery: Yes
Pick up: Yes
Prep: None

Please call our office at (541) 345-9085 to check on the availability.

Fire Starter Gel

$8.99 each – YOU HAUL

Size: 16 oz Bottle
Available: All LFP locations
Delivery: Yes – Call for details (541) 345-9085
Pick up: Yes
Prep: None

*Delivery prices apply to the local Eugene/Springfield area; there are additional mileage charges to outlying areas.
**Price includes up to 5 pallets and is $15 for each additional pallet.