Blended Mint Compost

Finely textured, with a blend of Lane Garden Compost, Mint Straw Compost, Barnyard Compost, & Aged Bark Fines, this very dark, curb appealing compost blend works well as a mulch in place of bark.


Vegetable or flower garden soil amendment. Top dressing for planting beds. Use in all residential and commercial landscapes.


For garden cultivation, apply 3-4” deep and till to a depth of 6-8”.
As a mulch, apply 3″-4″ deep and 1″-2″ for coloring established beds.


A blend of Yard Debris Compost, Mint Straw Compost,and Aged Bark Fines. Approximately 90% of the material will pass through a 1/2″ screen, with all passing through a 1″ screen.

Ways to Get it:

Soil Amendments & Compost
Landscape Coverage Chart
(27 cubic feet) will cover:
(7.5 cubic yards) will cover:
1296 sq ft ¼” deep 9600 sq ft ¼” deep
648 sq ft ½” deep 4800 sq ft ½” deep
324 sq ft 1″ deep 2400 sq ft 1″ deep
162 sq ft 2″ deep 1200 sq ft 2″ deep
108 sq ft 3″ deep 800 sq ft 3″ deep
81 sq ft 4″ deep 600 sq ft 4″ deep
54 sq ft 6″ deep 400 sq ft 6″ deep