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Anyone can Espalier, all it takes is patience, and some attention to detail. The art [...]

When and How to Apply Lime

Most gardeners have at least heard of lime and the benefits it can bring to [...]

Create Zero Pumpkin Waste this Halloween

Have you ever noticed how much of a pumpkin gets tossed away while carving them [...]

Low Carb Pumpkin Pound Cake

It is officially fall and time to think about all of the recipes you can [...]

How to Garden Without a “Garden”

Not everyone has property that allows for a garden, some of us live in apartments [...]

The Importance of Soil pH Testing

September is turf month here at Lane Forest Products and we are going to teach [...]

Planting A Bare-Root Tree

Steps to Planting a Bare Root Fruit Tree   [...]

Landscaping Makeover on a Budget

Take your yard from drab to fabulous on a budget! You don’t need a ton [...]

How to select and plant the perfect tree

Like building a house, planting a tree takes research and planning or the investment can [...]

How To: Care for Your Christmas Tree

The holiday season is in full swing and with it come hordes of Christmas Trees. [...]

Fall “Bulbing” 101

Glorious spring days would not be the same without a few bright tulips. This seasonal [...]

How to Plant a Terrarium

  With the rain and cold that are inevitable through the winter months in the [...]

Establish a lush lawn by renovating or planting in early fall

Lawns languish in the heat of summer unless showered with the water they require to [...]

Putting your garden to bed

With October looming and the scent of fall in the air, we are often busy [...]

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