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Get $10 Off delivery of Bark O Mulch when you order 2 cu.yds. or more!

Our number one selling bark mulch. This fine textured fir bark provides an impressive manicured appearance. Orange-brown in color, it will enhance the appearance of any landscape.

Get 2 bags for $20 Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets!

Ideal for use with Pellet Barbecues, Gas Grills, Fish & Game Smokers, Electric Grills, Kettle and Charcoal Barbecues.

$20.21 Off for 2021

Get any Bark or Compost Blown in before Jan 31st and get $20.21 off!

Save yourself time and hard work by arranging for our Blower Service!

Once you have used this service and experienced the immediate transformation of your yard with no effort, we’re convinced you’ll never spread Mulch or Compost by hand again! Using our service is especially helpful when you have areas that are set back from the street, on a slope, or over a barrier. We can even blow material on rooftop gardens!