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with delivery of any of our Bark Mulch, Soil, or Compost!

All Bark, Soil, and Compost deliveries of any amount between 3/27/23 and 4/3/23 will receive a 5-gallon “Dig Deeper” bucket at no additional charge with their product delivery!

Cannot be combined with other discounts. While supplies last. Ends 4/3/23.

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Ocean Rich Fish Compost

$9.99 each 1.5 cubic foot bag

Ocean Rich is not your traditional fish compost blend, it is formulated with 100% true fish byproduct and allowed to breakdown and cure for over a year. With our expertise and 30 years of experience we developed a new composting method to handle this type of material and the results are outstanding.

Cannot be combined with other discounts. Ends 4/2/23.