BioWeave Erosion Control System

Erosion control is one of the largest concerns associated with land disturbances. Lane Forest Products offers a material that complies with state and federal requirements for erosion control while maintaining cost effectiveness. Lane BioWeave Covers and Lane BioWeave Berms take the place of erosion blankets or silt fences providing a less expensive and more effective method of controlling storm water runoff.

Lane BioWeave Covers and Lane BioWeave Berms can be used on different soil types for the most fragile projects without fear of jeopardizing the water quality of our waterways.  Lane BioWeave Covers and Berms are 100% organic,composed of the highest quality compost made from recycled organic yard debris found locally. This material would otherwise be disposed of into landfills taking up limited and valuable space.

Erosion Control – Berms and Blankets

Berms and mulch blankets can be installed specifically for your site. Berms are composed of Lane Garden Compost and can be blown in place at a cost lower than the installation and removal of silt fencing. Mulch blankets are used over flat areas at a depth of 1/2″ to 2″ using Lane Garden Compost.

We can also incorporate grass seed or custom seed blends into the material being blown. Wetland seeds, wildflower seeds, and specialty mixes are available to suit your needs.

Bio Bags

For storm drain protection and sediment collection – we have Erosion Control Bags!

These ‘Bio Bags’ are orange mesh bags filled with approximately 2 cubic feet of our wood chips.

Read more about our BioWeave Covers and Berms in the PDF below.

Download Lane BioWeave PDF Brochure