How to Plant a Tree

DIG HOLE: Hole should be twice the width of the root system or root ball.
Loosen the soil in bottom of hole to half again the depth of the hole; if the
soil is clay like, dig the hole larger and blend our Frugal Planting Soil with existing soil.

PREPARE PLANT OR TREE: Remove container if applies. If the roots are tightly
bound or circled, carefully spread them outward. If Bareroot, spread roots carefully.

DO NOT PLANT TOO DEEPLY Plant the rootball so that it is at slightly above the surrounding
soil level. If Bareroot, plant so that soil line matches original soil line on trunk.

TAMP SOIL around plant firmly around root system while adding water to eliminate air
pockets. When dormant, do not water again until leafing.

How to plant Bare Root Fruit Tree PDF

How to Plant a Bare-Root Tree

  1. Soak tree roots in water for a couple of hours before planting.
  2. Dig a planting hole large enough to allow the tree roots to spread and deep enough to plant the root system.
  3. Mix Frugal Pro, or Lane Garden Compost with the native soil.
  4. Mound a cone of soil in the middle of the hole (see example).
  5. Hold the tree vertical in the planting hole.
  6. Spread the roots around the soil cone.
  7. Keep the graft bump (just above the root zone) out of the soil.
  8. Refill the hole with Nature’s Best and the native soil.
  9. Gently tamp down the soil around the tree root to remove air pockets.
  10. Generously water the tree around the roots.
  11. Prune top of tree back by about 1/3 to compensate for root loss.

If planting on a slope, mound the soil around the lower side of the tree then create a berm to catch and hold more of the water.