Lawn Base Planting Soil

Installing a new lawn is no easy task; you will want to get it right the first time. Lawn Base Mix was developed to help you do just that; it is a well-balanced soil which both retains and drains just the right amount of moisture. We have included a starter blend of ingredients with Mycorrhizal Fungi added to promote the root’s ability to absorb water and nutrients.

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New lawn installation and rejuvenation. Over-seeding and leveling existing lawns. Use in all residential and commercial landscapes.


Add no more than 2” to a prepared subsoil surface for installing seed, sod, or preparing for our Lane Soil and Seed Application.


Sand, Aged Bark Fines, blend of Composted Plant Material, Cow & Chicken Manure Compost or Fish Compost, Forest Wood Bio-Char, Perlite, Limestone (for pH control), and Leonardite. Mycorrhizae: Rhizophagus irregularis, Funneliformis mosseae, Claroideoglomus claroideum, Claroideoglomus etunicatum .008 prop/g each.

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Planting & Potting Soils
Landscape Coverage Chart
(27 cubic feet) will cover:
(7.5 cubic yards) will cover:
1296 sq ft ¼” deep 9600 sq ft ¼” deep
648 sq ft ½” deep 4800 sq ft ½” deep
324 sq ft 1″ deep 2400 sq ft 1″ deep
162 sq ft 2″ deep 1200 sq ft 2″ deep
108 sq ft 3″ deep 800 sq ft 3″ deep
81 sq ft 4″ deep 600 sq ft 4″ deep
54 sq ft 6″ deep 400 sq ft 6″ deep