Lane Forest Products can deliver your wholesale delivery of 8 units or more via truck and trailer, truck and transfer, live bottom (walking floor), or belt trailer to anywhere in the lower 48 states.Contact our wholesale sales department, Mike Zentz or Tom Campbell for more information.

Wholesale quantities are available in:

Blueberry Mulch
• Kiln Dried Shavings
Fir Shavings
Play Away Fiber Chips (ASTM certified)
Agrarian Chicken Compost (OMRI listed)
Planting Soils
Fir Barks
Color Rich Mulch
• Cardboard/Paper Fiber Bedding
Horticultural Pumice
Custom Mixing

Wholesale Brochure PDF

Need a custom soil high in acidity for blueberry growing?We also custom mix recipes to order.Find out more about our Lane Grow Mixes, Cambium Harvest Mixes, or custom blending to your specifications. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more.

Specialty products available for the California market:
Bark Dust, Walk-On Bark, and Bark Nuggets (3 sizes).

Delivery is available throughout Oregon and California.Material can also be picked up at one of our conveniently located production yards.Rail exporting is also available.

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