Custom Blending to Order

Lane Forest Products has established a reputation for providing the best possible products at competitive prices. What keeps our customers coming back is our commitment to great service.  Whether you are a small or large outfit with a variety of needs, we can help.  From Bark to Peat Moss, Pumice, and special blends, we can provide what you need for the perfect growing medium.

For your convenience, we also offer Pre-mixed Lane Grow combinations (PDF 418 KB) »

Need a Custom Mix Blend?

Custom Blending to suit your exacting specifications is our strength; we know quality and consistency is what counts, and our staff take great pride in delivering this expectation mix after mix to ensure the best outcome for you. For more information about our custom blending and delivery options, click here.

Available Growing Mediums for Custom Mixing

Aged Bark DustDark Fines (Forest Humus)
Agrarian (Premium Compost)Peat Moss
Bark Mulch (Fir Barks)Perlite Fines
BarnYard (Premium Compost)Perlite (Horticultural Grade)
Blended Mint (Premium Compost)Pumice
Lane Garden Compost (USCC Certified)River Sand
Coir Pith (Coco Coir)Sharp Sand
Composted Black BarkdustSilt
Cow Manure


Available Natural & Organic Fertilizer

Alfalfa MealGypsum (Organic Calcium Sulfate)
Azomite (Volcanic Rock Dust)Humic Acid (Iron Humate)
Bat GuanoKelp Meal
Bio-Char (Potash)Mycorrhizal Fungi
Cascade Basalt DustNatural Limestone
Dried Poultry ManureGreen Sand
Feather MealWetting Agent
Fish Bone MealWorm Castings

Available Commercial Fertilizer

Micronutrient BlendFast Start Potting Mix Blend
Cool Season – Long Term Slow Release Fertilizer Blend
Warm Season – Long Term Slow Release Fertilizer Blend


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