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At Lane Forest Products, we want to give you no less than exceptional customer service. Whether you’d like your order delivered, blown in place, picked up, by the bag or even specific amounts by the bucket, (yours or ours) we like to make it as flexible as possible. Lane Forest LCB #7762

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Blower Service

Save yourself time and hard work by arranging for our Blower Service!

Once you have used this service and experienced the immediate transformation of your yard with no effort, we’re convinced you’ll never spread mulch, lawn seed or planting soil by hand again! Using our service is especially helpful when you have areas that are set back from the street, on a slope, or over a barrier. We can even blow material on rooftop gardens!

We offer Blower Service for our Mulch, Soil Amendments, Planting Soils, and Lane Soil & Seed.  Rock and gravel are not available by blower service with the exception of our 3/8 River Rock.

To prepare for our blower service, see our
Preparation Checklist:

  • Turn off sprinkler system
  • Keep children and pets away from the blower operation
  • Remove vehicles from the blowing area
  • Cover swimming pools and ponds
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Turn off the air conditioning system
  • And last, but not least– please thoroughly remove all animal waste from the work area

Call now to schedule an appointment 541-345-9085

Bulk Delivery:

Bulk Delivery

We offer SAME DAY delivery on many of our bulk products. If you need more than one product, ask about our SPLIT LOAD DELIVERY to save money. Special Note: Our trucks ability to carry a split load depends on the product and the volume; so ask when you call to place an order.
We can deliver any quantity of:
Bedding & Ground Covers
Soil Amendments
Planting Soils
Rock & Gravel Products
Firewood & Fuel

Order delivery to your home or job site, or business, online or call us at 541-345-9085.
Our price list quotes the price for materials delivered to our local area.

On request, as a courtesy our driver will attempt to spread rock product as it dumps from the truck; the head room will need to be approximately 27 feet high, and the driver needs a straight path to dump the rock. There will typically be small piles of rock needing to be hand-spread after dumping. Watch the below video to see what a typical rock spread might look like:

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Flatbed Delivery:


Our flatbed service is set up by appointment and is available for pallet deliveries in our local Eugene and Springfield area. Our flatbed brings along a forklift to unload material. This service is available for palletized/wrapped items, for example, large Columns or Boulders, Pavers, Retaining Wall Blocks, Flagstone, Wood Pellets or Firewood.

Need help placing a particular Boulder or Column? We can connect you with an experienced professional, just let us know.

Note: An additional mileage charge is added to deliveries outside our local area.

Wholesale / Semi Truck

Lane Forest Products can deliver your wholesale delivery of 8 units or more via truck and trailer, truck and transfer, live bottom (walking floor), or belt trailer to anywhere in the lower 48 states.  Contact our wholesale sales department, Mike Zentz or Tom Campbell for more information.

Lane Forest Semi Truck Being Loaded


We offer wholesale delivery of soil, mulch, or compost anywhere in the continental US via our fleet of rail cars. For larger orders (30 units or more) a rail shipment can be the fastest and easiest method of delivery. Contact our Wholesale department for pricing and logistics.


You Haul

You Haul

We sell our products the way you want them!

  • Self Service By the Bag
  • By the Bucket (yours or ours)
  • By the Super Sack or
  • By the pickup load

Our self service area gives you the opportunity to purchase exactly the product you need and the exact amount you need, environmental friendly with no waste. We like this!

For the gardener on the go, most of our soil, mulch, and compost comes pre-bagged for your convenience, each bag  holds  1 cubic foot of product; easy to carry to the exact spot when you arrive home.

For those with pickups it couldn’t be easier, drive up to our kiosk tell us what you want and we will load it for you… and you don’t even have to get out of your truck.

Supersacks…. Are available for all products.  For an additional charge, our super sack  service is arranged with a phone call to our customer service team to arrange for packaging before you arrive to pick up your material.

Super Sack

Super Sack Bulk Tote Bags

If you’re in need of bulk delivery with the convenience of bagged product, Lane Forest Products’ offers Super Sacks as an option. Also known as totes or bulk bags, these Super Sacks can hold up to two cubic yards (depending on the weight of the material) are an option for delivery of Lane Forest Products’ mulch, compost, soil, or custom soil blends to both wholesale and retail customers.

Lane Forest Products’ Super Sacks are available for delivery throughout the 48 contiguous states.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, contact Mike Zentz or Tom Campbell at 541-345-9085.

1 Cubic Foot Bags

A number of our soils and barks come already packaged by the bag for your convenience. We will help you load and send you on your way.  Our bags hold 1 cubic foot of material making each bag a manageable weight to carry.