Lane Garden Compost

Lane Garden Compost – OMRI Listed for organic application.

Lane Garden Compost is made from yard debris and garden matter dropped off at our recycling centers,composted, and certified through the United States Composting Council program.

How Lane Garden Compost is made:

When yard debris arrives at our recycling centerdropped off by either individuals or landscaperswe check the material visually and if any inorganic material is identified it is removed by our ground staff. To begin the composting process we grind the yard debris to reduce the size of the organic material then place this material in windrows; after the initial composting is complete the compost is moved to a curing pile until the material is ready for further refining; at this point the composted organic material is screened to the size we require then dropped onto a conveyor belt traveling under a vacuum system (using the Airlift Separator) where any residual inorganic materials such as plastic or landscape fabric remnants are removed.

We process over 2.4 million cubic feet of yard debris each year in Lane County and occasionally some inorganic material such as plastic film and small pieces of landscape fabric materials or even hard plastic make it through our process without being detected. You can be assured however that this would not inhibit the growth of any plant. If you are looking to purchase a planting soil or soil amendment which does not include any recycled organics please contact us for recommendations or if you would like more information on our composting process.

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Top dressing for planting beds. Use in all residential and commercial landscapes.


For soil amendment, apply 3-4” deep and till to a depth of 6-8”.
As a mulch, apply 3”-4” deep and 1”-2” for coloring established beds.


Organic yard debris.
Approximately 90% of the material will pass through a 1/2” screen, with all passing through a 1” screen.

Ways to Get it:

Soil Amendments & Compost
Landscape Coverage Chart
(27 cubic feet) will cover:
(7.5 cubic yards) will cover:
1296 sq ft ¼” deep 9600 sq ft ¼” deep
648 sq ft ½” deep 4800 sq ft ½” deep
324 sq ft 1″ deep 2400 sq ft 1″ deep
162 sq ft 2″ deep 1200 sq ft 2″ deep
108 sq ft 3″ deep 800 sq ft 3″ deep
81 sq ft 4″ deep 600 sq ft 4″ deep
54 sq ft 6″ deep 400 sq ft 6″ deep