Olympus Wood Pellets

We make it easy for you to pick up your pellets.

• Drive in and let us know how many bags you would like.
• We’ll load them for you and you’ll be on your way in no time.
• You won’t even have to get out of your car!
Curbside delivery to your home is also available (minimum 1 ton delivery).
• Always the best price around.

This high-quality wood pellet fuel is pure, clean and burns hot – leaving less ash to clean up while providing a heat source that is comfortable, dependable, and affordable.

Olympus Pellets exceed “Premium” pellet fuel standards because they are made from Northwest Douglas Fir with absolutely no additives. Developed to meet the demands of discerning pellet stove owners, Olympus Pellets meet our commitment to provide a stable supply of wood pellets so that you can heat your home.

One 40 lb. bag of Olympus Pellets will produce enough heat to warm the average-sized home for a full day. One ton is enough to stay warm for six weeks!

Heat Output: Olympus Pellets are made from hot burning Douglas Fir, which produces more heat per pound, than other wood species.

25% Drier Pellets: Olympus Pellets are 25% drier than the PFI standards for Premium Pellets. Drier pellets contain less water, so they burn more efficiently and produce more heat.

75% Cleaner Pellets: Olympus Pellets contain less than .25% ash, which is 75% less than the PFI Premium standard. Less ash means that you will only need to clean your stove a few times per month.