September is turf month here at Lane Forest Products and we are going to teach you about the importance of testing the pH in your soil before your lawn makeover!

Whether you are planting seed or laying sod it is important to test the pH of the soil beforehand. We suggest the ideal pH level for lawn soil be anywhere between 6.5 and 7 (although different grass types can tolerate a range of pH levels). A lot of people do not put as much attention into soil preparation and that could be an expensive mistake.

PH is a key factor in growing grass as it affects how well it can pick up nutrients from the soil. If the soils pH balance is off then your sod has a risk of dying. Wondering how to easily test the pH in your soil? There are pH testing kits available to order online or find in stores such as Down to Earth, and Jerry’s.


Is your soil too acidic? Use lime to raise the pH level. In addition to correcting soil acidity, lime adds calcium and magnesium to soil. These nutrients help preserve your lawn’s color as well as protect it from damage caused by heat, drought, or traffic stress.






Is your soil too alkaline? Try applying sulfur or adding organic matter such as compost or composted manure. Adding organic matter lowers your pH over time, and increases microbial life that improves the structure of your soil.



Now go and prep your soil and swing by Lane Forest Products to pick up some grass seeds or sod!




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