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Brilliant Colors Against a Green Landscape

The sun is just barely coming up on the horizon as I step out into [...]

Firewise Gardening

Our future points to a pattern of increased drought in our landscape, which means a [...]

A Tisket a Tasket, Bring Me a Basket…

When I was working long days in a greenhouse our mantra was always “thriller, filler [...]

Remember, April Showers Bring May Flowers!

A ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds. A light mist is in the air. [...]

Water Conservation in the Garden

Only 2.5% of the total water supply is fresh water on earth available for our [...]

How to Garden Without a “Garden”

Not everyone has property that allows for a garden, some of us live in apartments [...]

The Importance of Soil pH Testing

September is turf month here at Lane Forest Products and we are going to teach [...]

Early Spring Vegetables You Can Plant NOW!

More likely than not you’ve checked the weather report recently or heard that the coming [...]

How to select and plant the perfect tree

Like building a house, planting a tree takes research and planning or the investment can [...]

Basic Tips on Winterizing Your Garden This Fall

As the plants freeze and harvests slow, our daily duties in the garden become almost [...]

Winter Soil Prep

Preparing your soil for the winter is largely a matter of outdoor housekeeping. It’s time [...]

How to Plant a Terrarium

  With the rain and cold that are inevitable through the winter months in the [...]

October Gardening Tips

It’s “Trick or Treat” month! With harvest season in full swing, October is loaded with [...]

The Magic of Mulching

Mulching has magical abilities, but I bet you didn’t know that.

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