Gardening in November

Be prepared to protect vegetables in the garden with row covers if necessary to protect from extreme cold.

Plants in pots with nowhere to go in the ground now will need sheltering from very cold weather. Be prepared with covers or place near the garage or shed. Many can be indoors for a few extreme days.

Weed perennial beds, prune back dead tops, and add mulch.

In the garden, pick a spot for next year’s early planting where you added compost last month. Rake it into a raised condition, then cover it with plastic so that when spring comes you can plant early in workable soil.

Time to plant garlic for next summer’s harvest. Plant in rich soil and fertilize in the spring. Harvest winter pears before ripe on tree and place in cold storage for a few weeks to prime for ripening indoors.

You can still plant spring flowering bulbs, but time is of the essence. Many garden centers will have them on sale now. Consider planting in containers to bring indoors for early bloom in the house.

Slug and snail damage, although less noticeable, now means many more will be around next spring. Trap or bait before eggs are laid for next year’s population. If bait is used, protect from pets. Best results occur if done just before a dry sunny day.

Later this month, reduce the size of most rose varieties to below waist high to protect from wind and ice damage. If buds are removed, bring inside to enjoy.

Early in the month, go foliage shopping! Trees and shrubs that produce beautiful fall color will be displayed in garden centers and at our very own Corner Store in Glenwood!


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