Gardening in May

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Warm weather brings aphids. Keep a watch on roses and vegetable crops. Wash with soapy water first, monitor and use sprays if needed. Ladybugs are available in garden centers.

Azaleas and rhododendrons need attention. Fertilize with an acid fertilizer, prune azaleas if leggy or sparse after bloom, prune rhododendrons if necessary as blooms fade. Otherwise, gently pluck spent blooms.

It is usually safe to plant annual flowers like petunias, marigolds, and impatiens. Watch the weather and protect if frost is predicted.

Fertilize roses early this month and watch for black spots and mildew. Early detection and prevention is the key. Avoid overhead water practices.

This is a good garden month for warm season vegetables, such as tomatoes, squash, and peppers in late May. Also a good time for cool season starts, such as potatoes and onions if these have not been planted yet.

New plantings deserve protection from slug damage. Options include barriers, physical removal, trappings with beer or use bait. Always be sure to protect pets from baits!

This is a good month for soil improvements in the garden, landscape, or flower beds. It should be dry enough for tilling and moving organic material across established lawns.

Best month for lawn aeration. This opens the soil for oxygen, irrigation, and fertilizer. This is much more effective than thatching, which often does more harm than good.

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