With warm days and cool nights, September is the optimal month to plant a new lawn or rejuvenate an existing one! We have everything you need to create a lawn you’ll love!

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What’s Sod…?

Sod is grass that has already been planted. Also referred to as turf grass, sod is sold in sections that are grass and soil held together by roots or other materials.. If you need a nice lawn right away, sod is your hero. This option provides an “instant lawn;” you can go from dirt to green lawn in a day. The speed of rooting varies with each season, and the rooting is essential to the longevity and health of the grass; fall and spring are optimal times to lay sod, though it can be laid any time during the year if water is available. Roots establish quicker than seeds, but may not root as well.

Sod installation – image courtesy of wagnersod.com

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Sod & Seed

When deciding to install a new lawn whether it be with Seed or Sod or having us blow-in soils with seed, we want to help! A new lawn is only as good as the prep that goes into the soil, here is a link to get you started thinking about the process. Feel free to call us to walk you through the steps of planting a new lawn. PS: We lend out lawn rollers at no charge, just a deposit.


Cultivated turf allows you to quickly enjoy the beauty of a mature lawn, without waiting for seeds to sprout! We have both Rye and Fescue varieties of sod March through October. Call our sales office for details on price and delivery schedule. We can have your order delivered fresh to your home or business within 24 hours!

Also available by special order to be picked up in our Eugene yard on a Friday.

Note: Roll size various depending on what machine the sod farmers are using to harvest the sod.


Whether you are planting a new lawn or over seeding existing grass, starting lawn from seed is an affordable way to create a lush, green lawn that will improve the appearance of your home.

When planning your lawn, select a variety that matches the amount of sun and shade exposure in your yard, but also consider the time of year – once the soil temperatures drop below 50 degrees, certain seed types do not germinate. Our experts can help you determine which type is best for you.

We carry Tall Fescue, Perennial Rye, and a blend of Creeping Red Fescue and Rye.

Lawn Care in the Fall & Winter

Fall / Winter Lawn Care:

Sep 15:
Pro-Gold Plus with Humic Acid 22-2-8. Apply 6 lbs. /1000 sq. ft. for routine maintenance.

Oct 15:
Time to Lime! Apply Lime at 50 lbs. /1000 sq. ft. for pH maintenance.

Nov 15:
All Season Plus with 5% Iron and Humic Acid 22-2-10. Apply 6 lbs. /1000 sq. ft. for routine maintenance.

Timing is approximate and depends on climate and soil conditions.

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