Mulching has magical abilities, but I bet you didn’t know that. How else does a gardener reduce greenhouse emissions, benefit their soil health, reduce water consumption, fight weeds and deter garden pests all at the same time? Through magic, you might be thinking to yourself. But, what’s better than magic? Wood mulch, apparently!

In a recent study, the University of British Columbia compared apple orchards and vineyards – those who used wood mulching and those who did not. They found that using mulch in agriculture can cut nitrous oxide emissions up to 28%!

According to Craig Nichol, “In addition to saving water, improving soil, combating pests and stopping weeds, wood mulch actually reduces the release of a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide.”

We at Lane Forest are glad to hear we are doing a good thing for the world. We have certainly encouraged mulching for years! We have a variety of different mulches, for any application you might need. Check out our product page to find out what mulch is right for you. Don’t forget to try our coverage calculator so that you know you are ordering the right amount for your project.

Read more about this topic on, where we first heard of this news.

The study was originally published in June 2016 in Agricultural Water Management.

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