Not that long ago, it would get a little smoky this time of year in the Willamette Valley. Neighborhoods would start piling up brush for spring burns to clear yards. Those smoldering debris piles made for some pretty smoky days. But some things DO change – our customers get great pleasure from the fact that they can bring their yard debris to Lane Forest and it will be turned into rich garden compost.Wood Debris Recycling Program Lane Forest

Organic matter can be put to so many good uses – compost, fill, alternative bio-fuels and more. And for just $4 per yard, it’s cheaper than the dump!

Lane Forest also recycles wood from construction projects, your home and local mills. Ultimately, the wood can be reused as hog fuel, particle board and even charcoal briquettes! We accept wood scraps, plywood, particle board and even old furniture as long as it is all wood with nothing attached (like drywall or insulation). Yes, even nails, screws and staples are OK. Putting these materials to use once more means less waste in our landfill.

To make things even easier, we have convenient drop boxes and dumpsters that can be delivered right to your home or business to collect large amounts of yard debris or other recyclable material so you don’t have to make multiple trips to unload. This is especially economical when you are doing a large project like re-roofing, cleaning out a house or disposing of trash.

Nothing goes to waste around here if we can help it. Not only has recycling at Lane Forest Products helped keep our yards clean and tidy, but it’s made us better gardeners and we get to feel good for doing it.

Learn more about Lane Forest and our recycling centers here.

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