In our business, there’s a common seed among us… a love of gardening, watching things grow and returning that love and respect back into our community. This journey has connected us to different generations of gardeners, exceptional horticulturalists and craftsmen, and regular folk who just like to improve the appearance of home.

You may know this already, but in case you did not, I grew up in Scotland, a wonderful country that holds plenty of memories and treasures. But for all of its wonders, one frustrating aspect of Scotland was the growing season, which was always short and uncertain due to unpredictable weather. To combat this, my mother would make sure my father brought home a new load of soil to ensure her plants would get off to a good start, and even at that, he had to build a screen to sieve the loam until it was just right to his standard; I think this is where my passion for everything we do here at Lane Forest came from.

With my mother and father’s soil blend of sorts we grew strawberries, lettuce, leeks, green onions, herbs, and more. Strawberries were always the best around, yet nothing was more delicious than a freshly picked leaf of lettuce sprinkled with sugar – yes, indeed you will have to try it!

After many memories in Scotland I moved to Eugene in the late 1980’s and quickly experienced a much longer growing season and took delight in watching the corn fields rise and take over vast areas in such a short time. And now – even though it is hard to believe– here we are nearly 30 years later and spring still never fails to amaze me. As such, we have built our company around this community’s desire to grow food, live amongst beautiful landscapes, and strongly support the benefits of recycling.

We have developed our YOG blog, short for ‘Your Oregon Garden’, to share with all of our customers and gardening enthusiasts. Our team of bloggers here at Lane Forest will take care to create useful posts for troubleshooting your garden, tips for growing in the Willamette Valley, interesting insights from landscape professionals, and seasonal recipes.

We look forward to hearing what you think and we hope you will grow ‘YOG’ with us!


Best regards

Susan Posner

President, Lane Forest Products


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