A walk through the garden in the early morning and you’ll hear the sounds of stellar jays, scrub jays, wood peckers, chickadees, robins, sparrows and warblers.  These birds are an integral part of keeping your garden healthy.  They eat many insects that can negatively impact your plants and some birds even pollinate your ornamental flowers.  Springtime is also when you see many birds transporting sticks, moss and materials for making nests.

Different types of trees also attract different types of birds to provide a good habitat for nesting.  Also, think of your tree as an investment as you watch it grow for many years to come.  Therefore, choosing a tree is a big decision.  Most cities, like Eugene and Springfield, have created an approved list of trees for streets so check with your local city planning department for specific recommendations when planting close to the street.

My first choice for a street tree is always Acer Griseum (Paperbark Maple).  A perfect small street tree with amazing fall red leaf color that has a unique peeling bark appearance.  These trees grow well in full sun or part shade.  It maintains its small size for about 10 years.  Slowly reaching 25 feet tall in about 25 years and 15-20 feet width.

This tree pairs well with Stewartia koreana (Korean Stewartia).  Stewartia is another small-midsized landscape tree, generally reaching height of 20 feet and width 12-15 feet (can be maintained as a small tree).  A deciduous flowering tree, white-camellia like flowers in late June/July.  For year-round interest fall leaves orange- hints of crimson and requires little pruning or maintenance

If you are looking for a gorgeous display of large blooms in the spring, try a flowering DogwoodCornus nuttallii Pacific Dogwood (native variety) or Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Princess’ grow well in sun or part shade at 20 feet width x 20 feet height.  Additionally, they display purple fall foliage.   

These are just a few options, and if you include Japanese Maples, you’ll have endless choices so don’t think of yourself limited.  Stop into the Corner Store Nursery today and discuss options!

Written by Karen Smith, Lane Forest Products Plant Specialist

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