Your Oregon Garden - by Lane Forest Products

Flowering Vines in Bloom

It rained recently as I wandered through the neighborhoods of Eugene and Springfield and a [...]

Uncommon Fruits for the Garden

A wise gardener many years ago told me that every year she tries something new. [...]

Winter Blooms & Bulbs

Flowers Brighten Our Day A bouquet of flowers brings a smile to everyone, especially in [...]

Natural Holiday Décor

Silver bells, silver bells, it’s Christmas time! The tune lingers in the air, the lights [...]

A Tribute to Oregon

A Tribute to Oregon written by Karen Smith, Lane Forest Products Plant Specialist Oregon State [...]

Vibrant Maples in the Garden

As a gentle breeze whispers leaves flutter to the ground in autumn. As I stroll [...]

A Walk With Natives

A peaceful walk through some my favorite gardens and you’ll find year-round interest, from lush [...]


Anyone can Espalier, all it takes is patience, and some attention to detail. The art [...]

When and How to Apply Lime

Most gardeners have at least heard of lime and the benefits it can bring to [...]

Indoor Herb Garden

The time in your outdoor garden is becoming limited as the frosty weather takes over. [...]

Roasted Root Vegetable Salad

Recipe by Cooking Light It is now time to harvest your winter veggies and roots [...]

Winter Pruning in the Garden

Winter in the garden can be surprisingly productive if you plan your tasks ahead of [...]

Benefits of Cover Crops

Pretty AND practical? The season of barren vegetable garden beds are upon us… but maybe [...]

Create Zero Pumpkin Waste this Halloween

Have you ever noticed how much of a pumpkin gets tossed away while carving them [...]

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