The time in your outdoor garden is becoming limited as the frosty weather takes over. Your perennials are cut back, bulbs are planted and mulch has been applied—so, what now?

Bring your garden inside!

Herbs are one of the many plants that flourish indoors and will do wonderfully in your kitchen window sill.

Why grow herbs indoors?

1.Easy to Grow


Caring for herbs is very simple. As long as they are being watered when the first inch of soil gets dry and they get the proper amount of light the rest will be smooth sailing. You can even throw in some Cambium Harvest Indoor Grow for proper drainage and to help enrich the soil with nutrients.

2.Saves Money

Fresh herbs tend to be a bit pricey when purchasing them individually at the grocery store. Although it may feel like you are investing quite a bit into your herb garden to get it started, you will start to see how much you are truly saving. Plus how convenient is it to have the herbs you need within arms reach?

3.Natural Aromatherapy

Some herbs can be used for aromatherapy and can help ease coughs, headaches, anxiety, and insomnia. Try growing herbs that promote relaxation such as lavender, mint, rosemary, and chamomile. You will reap the benefits of having them in your home.

4.Fresh Taste

Something about picking your own herbs straight from the plants in your home makes it taste so much better! Also the fact that it is indeed fresh—no questions asked! You grow it and know exactly what goes into it so you know it is safe from any chemicals and pesticides!

5.Adds Color to Your Home

That beautiful pop of green! Who doesn’t love to come home to a house filled with plants? Gardening and spending time around plants can help lower anxiety and helps improve your mood! So why not consider adding some tastey herbs to your collection—the more the merrier!

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