The dark days of winter don’t have to be the end to color in the garden. There are plenty of evergreen shrubs you can incorporate into your seasonal flare. Containers are a great way to showcase evergreens of all shapes and sizes.

Start with a container large enough to balance the height and width of the shrub. A good potting soil like Lane Forest’s Super Natural Potting Mix, or Lane Potting Mix, is a great way to ensure good drainage.

When choosing a shrub, look at different leaf textures and colors that offer variety. Some are variegated, or offer a winter berry. Tuck them in your garden with love knowing they will be there on a dark winter day. Come spring, or once they’ve outgrown the container, find a permanent home in the earth for your forever winter friend.

Heidi’s Favorites

• Cupressus Macrocarpa
• Lemon Cypress
• Osmanthus Heterophyllus
• False Holly
• Picea Pungens
• Spruce

Written by Heidi Branchesi of Chezem Creek Gardens