The time is 8:45 AM and Lane Forest Products is in full swing. Trucks are rumbling through the yard and customers are lining up to unload yard debris. Amidst the morning buzz, one sound commands attention – the constant ringing of a telephone.

Tony Fajardo, a sales associate at Lane Forest, reaches for the phone with the swiftness of a seasoned football referee.

“Lane Forest Products, this is Tony,” he answers.

What comes next can vary from conversation about Lane Forest Product’s hours of operation to “how should I winterize my garden?”. This particular inquiry, however, has to deal with Lane Forest Products’ blower service. Kelly Autry, new to the area and a first-time customer of Lane Forest Products, has heard about Lane Forest through her landscaper.

Tony Fajardo Crackin' Jokes with an Lane Forest Regular
Tony Fajardo Crackin’ Jokes with a Lane Forest Regular

“We recently moved to the area in July of this year,” says Kelly. “We have had some yard work done by George from Better Lawns and Gardens since we moved in. We asked him for a referral for mulch and he told us about Lane Forest Products and its blower service. Kelly mentions that the job is both proactive and preventative.

“Our yard was very overgrown when we purchased it in July. Over the past few months we have had George remove several shrubs, some grasses and trim trees. We felt that a good layer of mulch would refresh the yard and pull it together.”

The mulch was also intended to help with some of her furry friends. “We have three dogs, but we have yet to experience the winter here and have heard it rains a bit, so we thought mulch would prevent some muddy paws.”

Tony takes Kelly’s order, puts it in the schedule and ensures there is nothing else he can do for her. He then proceeds to take the order to dispatch, a sometimes hectic and noisy location where Lane Forests’ dispatchers allocate orders to delivery trucks. Tony’s job with the order is complete.

October 3, 2015, the day of delivery.

A crisp morning air covers the Lane Forest production yard in a blanket of dew, yet another sign fall has arrived. Waves of employees cycle into the yard, anticipating another busy day on the job. Loader operators, fixed in their machines, buzz about, getting ready to load the next truck for delivery. It is a young boy’s dream image – large trucks moving hefty amounts of earth around. All the while Kelly’s bark waits to load.

Glen Paugh, a dispatch veteran, briefly exchanges pleasantries with Kelly’s blower crew as he hands them their first order of the day, two-and-a-half units of Fir Bark.

“Truck 36 heading out,” announces Kelly’s driver over the CB. “Copy, headed out,” responds Glen.

Twenty-five minutes after leaving the production yard truck 36 arrives at Kelly’s house and prepares for application, coordinating the necessary details with Kelly.

“The crew arrived a few minutes early on the day of delivery and walked the yard with us to preview the job we wanted,” adds Kelly.

Ensuring they had the proper areas marked off for service, the crew sets to work. Bit by bit Kelly’s yard is transformed by the fir bark, giving it a rich, refined appearance. Fall plants, with their ever-changing palette of colors, wonderfully contrast with the fresh bark.

The blower crew carefully navigates its way around the yard, making sure no bark finds its way to an unwanted area. They also make sure to pay attention to how much bark they are applying and how much is left as part of Kelly’s original order.

“The crew kept us informed as the amount we ordered was almost out,” Kelly notes. “We chose to complete the job with a larger amount. I was glad they brought more, as this was our first time and it was difficult to estimate how much we’d need”, said Kelly.

Once the application is complete, the crew cleans areas where bark dust and bark pieces have found their way over plants and concrete.

“The crew spent a good deal of time on cleanup; the yard, porch, and driveway were left in excellent condition,” says Kelly.

The finished product is both crisp and professional.

“We are very happy with our results, the yard looks great!” Kelly writes.

In total, the job took two hours once the crew arrived on site, including application and clean-up.

Asked whether or not she would order from Lane Forest Products in the future, Kelly didn’t hesitate: “We would definitely order from Lane Forest Products again. I have since been by the store and purchased a rock for the front yard!”

Watch Our Blower Crew in Action Below:

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