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Getting your new lawn off to a great start

Creating a successful and vibrant lawn means taking the proper steps.

Preparing for your new lawn

September is the best month to start your new lawn and ensure you will be [...]

Beating the heat

One unique adage Oregon residents have spoken over countless years is that Oregon summers don’t [...]

How to Firescape Your Garden

Did you know you can help prevent your home, yard and garden from forest fires?

Storing & Preserving Herbs is Easy, Simple & Delicious!

Herbs are a fragrant, simple and healthy way to add layers of flavor to any [...]

Tips & Tricks for Growing Tomatoes

Few things evoke summertime like red ripe tomatoes, fresh from the garden.

Watering Plants

In the Willamette Valley, we experience a variety of seasons and weather conditions.

How & When to Start Pruning

Glorious spring color only lasts so long before it all comes to an end.

Dividing Your Prized Perennials

Spring and fall are both good times to divide perennials that have gone astray.

Getting Started With Seedlings

The tried and true gardener keeps busy all year, but early spring ignites in us [...]

Planting Fruit Trees

Believe it or not, now is the time to plant fruit trees – while they [...]

Combating Cut Worms

There’s nothing worse than visiting your garden only to find a plant’s life compromised by [...]

5 Tips for Perfecting Compost

Composting doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

Gardening How To: Sheet Mulching

What’s your favorite way to build soil?

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