Growing a new lawn is easy! Here’s your “How To”

Lane Soil and Seed Installation is a combination of our premium Lane Soil Amendments mixed in with quality grass seed, blown onto your landscape with a minimum of fuss. You will soon experience a wonderful new lawn to enjoy for years to come.

To ensure your investment develops properly, we’ve come up with some tips from the pros.

Before & After Instructions:

Before we arrive to install Lane Soil & Seed:

  1. Determine Your Square Footage
    Use a tape measure to determine the square footage of your planned lawn. Multiply length by width. Determine the depth of the soil to be added. If you need help calculating the quantity you can call us, 541-345-9085, or use our yardage calculator located in the side bar to the right.
  2. Check Your Soil pH
    Without the correct pH, seeds may not take root. But it can be easily corrected! If the pH is less than 6.5, add 50 lbs. of Lime with Humic Acid per 1,000 square feet to balance the pH for optimal growing conditions. Generally, the soil in the Lane County area is acidic, so the addition of lime is warranted. Call us to discuss your lawn’s specific needs or if you need help determining how much lime to add.
  3. Final Prep
    The area needs to be graded and rolled prior to installation to prevent uneven spots where water may pool. Roll and grade the lawn after installation to help keep your lawn solid and not spongy and to prevent it from settling unevenly.

After we have installed Lane Soil & Seed:

Give the lawn a good initial soaking and water daily to keep seeds moist. Keep seeded lawns constantly moist during the first 7-10 days. Gradually reduce the frequency of watering, but increase the duration of watering as the new grass starts to mature.

Fertilization throughout the year
Fertilize within 3-4 weeks following the lawn installation. Use a high-quality, slow release fertilizer. This will vary according to the current season. Lane Forest Products carries a full line of high-quality fertilizers for every season.

Mowing your new lawn
Mow your lawn after the grass is 3-4 inches tall using the highest mower setting and cutting no more than the top half. Regular mowings will encourage your grass to branch out and help establish a nice, thick lawn.

Remember: Taking extra effort in the initial preparation will reward you with a beautiful, healthy, low-maintenance lawn.

Call us to order lawn installation to your home or job site, 541-345-9085, or toll free 1-888-345-9085.

Note: The successful growth of a new lawn is determined by the amount of water applied on a daily basis during the first few weeks of growth, proper preparation of the subsoil level, plus the necessary follow-up care with fertilization, all of which are the responsibility of the customer.

Our Guarantee is limited to the germination of the seed you select in the seed  base we provide. No other guarantees or warranties are expressed or implied.