Corner Store Nursery gets a Rave Review!

I stopped at your site last fall looking for perennials and evergreens I could plant, not kill, were pretty to look at, fragrant and didn’t mind a little shade if possible. I am a total black thumb/novice and haven’t had the best of luck growing plants, flowers, etc.. Well, [Mike B was] working that day and took the time to show me all types of varieties I might enjoy, explaining the needs of each plant and what you thought I might enjoy. I fell in love with the Black Lace Elderberry even though it wasn’t flowered at the time and decided to take a chance.

I am SO HAPPY I did! I was worried about it during the winter when it lost all it’s leaves, I thought it was supposed to, but with my history, I never know! I have planted it in a little backyard garden area I have created along with 2 types of lavender, silver sage, phlox, and pansies, but the Elderberry is the show stopper! It has grown and flowered out to the most beautiful thing I have ever grown, and I owe it to you! Thank you so much for taking the time last year to go over all the plants with me. I don’t regret my purchase one bit, I look at it everyday and smile, and it’s all due to your suggestions. So thank you, thank you so much! You are great at what you do!

– Christa

Corner Store Nursery in Glenwood

Our nursery at the corner of Franklin and Glenwood Blvd. features large established trees, shrubs and vines plus fruit trees and palm trees to compliment the season. You will also find our most popular soils and mulch products, plus gardening accessories to make it easy to finish any gardening project.

Our nursery specializes in mature plants at the best price around… Everything we sell is on average 5 gallons and upwards to allow you to enjoy the fullness of a plant immediately; we want everyone to enjoy a beautiful flowering garden year round so drop by and see what we have to offer today.

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