A shrub is a woody plant which is smaller than a tree and generally has a rounded shape. Shrubs can vary in size from ground cover right up to huge bushes, and they are an integral part of any garden. They provide structure, color and interest and also add a little bit of character. From small border plants to bold, statement shrubs, you can find one to suit any garden area or soil condition.


Please refer to our Current Plant Inventory for the shrubs we currently have in stock/available (updated daily).

ImageShrub Name:EvergreenSpringSummerFallWinter
Abelia G. "Francis Mason"Abelia G. "Francis Mason" #5check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Abelia Edward GoucherAbelia Edward Goucher #5check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Abelia KaleidoscopeAbelia Kaleidoscope #5check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Barberry Crimson PygmyBarberry Crimson Pygmy #2/#5check-3D
Barberry Rose GlowBarberry Rose Glow #2/#5check-3D
Buddleia Blue ChipBuddleia Blue Chip #2 - Butterfly Bushcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Buddleia Snow WhiteBuddleia Snow White #2 - Butterfly Bushcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Boulevard CypressBoulevard Cypress 4'-5'check-3Dcheck-3D
Camellia April DawnCamellia April Dawn #2/#5check-3Dcheck-3D
Camellia April KissCamellia April Kiss #2/#5check-3Dcheck-3D
Camellia April TrystCamellia April Tryst #5check-3Dcheck-3D
Camellia Nuccio's PearlCamellia Nuccio's Pearl #2/#5check-3Dcheck-3D
Camellia Pink IcicleCamellia Pink Icicle #2/#5check-3Dcheck-3D
Camellia Rosehill RedCamellia Rosehill Red #2/#5check-3Dcheck-3D
Camellia Winter JoyCamellia Winter Joy #2/#5check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Camellia Winter SnowmanCamellia Winter Snowman #2/#5check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Caryopteris Pet it BlueCaryopteris Pet it Blue #3 - Blue Beardcheck-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Caryopteris Sunshine BlueCaryopteris Sunshine Blue #3 - Blue Beardcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Bluetta BlueberryBlueberry - Bluetta #7check-3D
Blueberry Blue CropBlueberry Blue Crop #6check-3D
Blueberry Blue GoldBlueberry Blue Gold #6check-3D
Duke BlueberryBlueberry - Duke #7check-3D
Jersey BlueberryBlueberry - Jersey #7check-3D
Misty BlueberryBlueberry - Misty #7check-3D
Blueberry RekaBlueberry - Reka #6check-3D
Spartan BlueberryBlueberry - Spartan #7check-3D
Sunshine Blue BlueberryBlueberry - Sunshine Blue #7check-3D
Top Hat BlueberryBlueberry - Top Hat Low Shrub 3 Galloncheck-3D
Ceanothus Dark StarCeanothus Dark Star #2check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Ceanothus VictoriaCeanothus Victoria #5check-3Dcheck-3D
Dahlia Dinner PlateDahlia Dinner Plate #3check-3D
Daphne "Bholua"Daphne "Bholua" #5check-3Dcheck-3D
Daphne "Eternal Fragrance"Daphne "Eternal Fragrance"check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Daphne "O.Zuiko Nishiki"Daphne "O.Zuiko Nishiki" #2/#3check-3Dcheck-3D
English LaurelEnglish Laurel 30"-36"check-3Dcheck-3D
Escallonia "Pride of Donnard"Escallonia "Pride of Donnard"check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Escallonia "Red Elf"Escallonia "Red Elf" #2check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Escallonia DwarfEscallonia Dwarf #5check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Escallonia Pink PrincessEscallonia Pink Princess #5check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Euonymus Burning BushEuonymus Burning Bush #3/3'-4'check-3D
Euonymus F. "Emerald N Gold"Euonymus F. "Emerald N Gold"check-3D
Euonymus HarlequinEuonymus Harlequincheck-3D
Evergreen ClematisEvergreen Clematischeck-3Dcheck-3D
Cooke's Purple WisteriaCooke's Purple Wisteriacheck-3D
Hibiscus Azurri Satin - Rose of SharonHibiscus - Azurri Satin -Rose of Sharoncheck-3D
Comte De Flandres HibiscusHibiscus - Comte De Flandrescheck-3D
Hibiscus - "Rose of Sharon - Lucy"Hibiscus - Rose of Sharon - Lucycheck-3Dcheck-3D
Hibiscus - Rose of Sharon - Minerva-thumbHibiscus - Rose of Sharon - Minervacheck-3D
Hibiscus - PurpleHibiscus - Purplecheck-3D
Hibiscus - Red HeartHibiscus - Red Heartcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Hibiscus Summer SangriaHibiscus Summer Sangria #3 - Rose of Sharoncheck-3D
Hibiscus Sugar TipHibiscus Sugar Tip #3 - Rose of Sharoncheck-3D
Hibiscus - Rose of Sharon - WoodbridgeHibiscus - Rose of Sharon - Woodbridgecheck-3Dcheck-3D
Hick YewHicks Yew 3'-4'check-3D
Hydrangea BoboHydrangea - Bobo #3check-3D
Hydrangea - Big-EasyHydrangea - Big Easycheck-3Dcheck-3D
Hydrangea City LineHydrangea - City Line #3 Truecheck-3D
Hydrangea Invincibelle SpiritHydrangea - Invincibelle Spirit 3 Galloncheck-3Dcheck-3D
Hydrangea LilacinaHydrangea - Lilacinacheck-3Dcheck-3D
Hydrangea Lets Dance MoonHydrangea - Lets Dance Moon #3/#7check-3D
Hydrangea LimelightHydrangea - Lime Light #3check-3D
Hydrangea - Nikko BlueHydrangea - Nikko Bluecheck-3D
Hydrangea - Pink MopheadHydrangea - Pink Mopheadcheck-3D
Hydrangea - Quick FireHydrangea - Quick Fire #3/#7check-3D
Hydrangea - Strawberry SundayHydrangea - Strawberry Sunday #3check-3Dcheck-3D
Hydrangea - Zorro Lace CapHydrangea - Zorro Lace Cap 3 Galloncheck-3Dcheck-3D
Gardenia Frost ProofGardenia Frost Proofcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Ilex Sky Pencil Japanese HollyIlex Sky Pencil Japanese Holly / 3'check-3D
Native Star HuckleberryNative Star Huckleberrycheck-3Dcheck-3D
Enduring Summer Crape MyrtleEnduring Summer Crape Myrtlecheck-3D
Vaccinium LingonberryVaccinium Lingonberrycheck-3Dcheck-3D
Leyland CypressLeyland Cypresscheck-3D
Leucothoe RainbowLeucothoe Rainbowcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Mexican OrangeMexican Orange #2 Choisya Ternatacheck-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Nandina Burgundy WideNandina Burgundy Winecheck-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Nandina Fire PowerNandina Fire Power #2check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Nandina GulfstreamNandina Gulfstreamcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Nandina Moyers RedNandina Moyers Redcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Nandina "Purpurea Nana"Nandina "Purpurea Nana" #5check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Physocarpus CoppertinaPhysocarpus Coppertina #3 /#5check-3D
Physocarpus Summer WinePhysocarpus Summer Wine #3/#5check-3D
Pieris J. "Flaming Silver"Pieris J. "Flaming Silver" #5check-3Dcheck-3D
 Pieris J. "Mountain Fire"Pieris J. "Mountain Fire" #5check-3Dcheck-3D
Otto Luyken LaurelOtto Luyken Laurel 18"-24"check-3Dcheck-3D
Portugal LaurelPortugal Laurelcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Everest PotentillaPotentilla - Everestcheck-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Gold Drop PotentillaPotentilla - Gold Drop 2 Galloncheck-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Tangerine PotentillaPotentilla - Tangerinecheck-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Pieris Valley RosePieris Valley Rosecheck-3Dcheck-3D
Cistus Rock Rose PurpleCistus Rock Rose Purple #5check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Cistus Rock Rose Snow WhiteCistus Rock Rose Snow White #5check-3Dcheck-3D
Groundcover Apricot Drift RoseGroundcover Apricot Drift Rosecheck-3Dcheck-3D
Groundcover Coral Drift RoseGroundcover Coral Drift Rosecheck-3Dcheck-3D
OSO Easy Cherry Pie Carpet RoseOSO Easy Cherry Pie Carpet Rose 3 Galloncheck-3D
Rosa OSO Easy Fragrant Spreader Rosa OSO Easy Frangrant Spreader #3 Truecheck-3D
Oso Easy Paprika Carpet RoseOso Easy Paprika Carpet Rose 3 Galloncheck-3D
Groundcover Pink Drift RoseGroundcover Pink Drift Rosecheck-3Dcheck-3D
Groundcover Peach Drift RoseGroundcover Peach Drift Rosecheck-3Dcheck-3D
Groundcover Red Drift RoseGroundcover Red Drift Rosecheck-3Dcheck-3D
Cornus Red Twig DogwoodCornus Red Twig Dogwoodcheck-3D
Sambucus Black Lace ElderberrySambucus Black Lace #3/#5 - Elderberrycheck-3Dcheck-3D
Sarcococca HookerianaSarcococca Hookeriana #2check-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Salix Scarlet CurlsSalix Scarlet Curls #5check-3D
Salix Flamingo Patio Tree Dapple WillowSalix Flamingo Patio Tree #5 - Dapple Willowcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Sky Rocket JuniperSky Rocket Juniper 7'-8'check-3D
Viburnum Brandy WineViburnum Brandy Wine #3check-3Dcheck-3D
Viburnum DavidiiViburnum Davidii #5check-3Dcheck-3D
Viburnum Spring BouquetViburnum Spring Bouquet #5check-3Dcheck-3D
Viburnum Summer SnowflakeViburnum Summer Snowflake #3/#5check-3Dcheck-3D
Goldflame SpireaGoldflame Spireacheck-3Dcheck-3D
Goldmound SpireaGoldmound Spireacheck-3Dcheck-3D
Star Jasmine JasminoidesStar Jasmine Jasminoidescheck-3Dcheck-3Dcheck-3D
Syringa Bloomarang LilacSyringa Bloomarang #2 - Lilaccheck-3D
Cornus Yellow Twig DogwoodCornus Yellow Twig Dogwoodcheck-3Dcheck-3D