Frontier is one of the hardest and most durable sandstones available.  The natural grip of sandstone makes these slabs our most popular tread.  Frontier slabs combined with our Huckleberry bench legs make for a very impressive bench.  These slabs have a natural leading edge, snapped ends, and may be drilled, feathered and wedged on the back side or natural edge.

5-7″ Thick and 12-20″ Deep with Lengths of 3, 4, 6, and 8′ long.

Pennsylvania Bluestone

These particular slabs are cut from premium bluestone with a thermal top and one leading edge.  This is a very hard sandstone with a non-slip surface and formal look.  Used for treads, mantles, wall caps or hearths.

4′x18″x2″ thick, 6′x18″x2″ thick, 12″x2″
Other sizes available by special order.

Molalla Treads

Quarried in Oregon, Molalla is an ideal choice for locally inspired designs.  These rustic slabs and treads tend to be irregular in shape, with at least one good leading edge.  Beautiful, natural swirls of color on the surface will add a unique look to your landscape.

5-8″ thick | 100-300 lbs. each

Montana Iron Ledge

These are beautiful, flat and raw slabs with black and rust colors.  This stone has a smooth surface with straight edges and random ends.

2-8″ thick | Random bed depth and length – 40-700 lbs. each

Good For:
Treads, bench tops and table tops

Stone colors and shapes may vary. For the best idea of what we offer, visit our Courtyard Gardens in Eugene!

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