Craftsman Blocks

Craftsman Blocks provide the performance you need and the rugged aesthetics you crave for landscape walls and borders. The block’s natural, rough-hewn appearance and beveled design allow you to create graceful curves and patterns that draw the eye to what lies beyond.

This block is ideal for walls up to four feet high and taller terrace walls. Craftsman Stone blocks are lightweight and easy to handle.  Additionally, Craftsman step blocks can be used to add a stairway to any wall.

Colors: Gray, Columbia, and Black. Caps are also available in each color.


Craftsman Dimensions

Stone Dims (inches) Dims (mm)
Craftsman 12 x 16 x 6 305 x 406 x 152
Stone Pcs/Sq Ft Lbs/Pcs Pcs/Pallet Sq Ft/Pallet
Craftsman 1.5 55 54 36

Stone colors and shapes may vary. For the best idea of what we offer, visit our Courtyard Gardens in Eugene!

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