Customer: Brandi W.
Employee: Dylan / Tony
Dylan & Tony did a wonderful job! It looks so pretty…now I don’t want to till it! Dylan took the time afterwards to show me all the areas he did and walked me through all they did and how deep he put it. I am so pleased with the service! I told my patient about how wonderful it was

Customer: Arlene s.
Employee: Jeremiah and Chris
I just wanted to say what a neat job the guys did and what a GREAT clean up! Make sure they guys know.

Customer: Arlene S.
Employee: Jeremiah / Chris
I just wanted to say what a neat job the guys did and what a great clean up! Make sure the guys know

Customer: John M.
Employee: Mike M. / Dustin
The crew did a fabulous job meeting all of our special needs. They were very pleasant throughout the job. We will be doing business with Lane Forest Products for years to come.

Customer: Rita R.
Employee: Steve Smith
Want to say “Thank You” for the great service. Steve was professional and put the compost where I needed it.

Customer: Lynne L.
Employee: Eric / David
On 7/24/2012 I had LFP come out and install Bark-O-Mulch in my mother’s yard. I would like to thank Erik and David for their outstanding work. Going above and beyond with the services you provide. They were very courteous, polite and careful while working around my mom’s yard. They took care of the yard and plants as if it were their own. It is very clear they take pride in a job well done. Thanks again

Customer: Amanda A.
Employee: Dylan / Aaron
Dylan and Aaron did a fabulous job blowing in our bark. They were cheery, efficient and just awesome!

Customer: Jack W.
Employee: Patrick / Tony
It was the best job that you have ever done! Those guys were really great.

Customer: Tom P.
Employee: Jay in Retail
I was very impressed by the fact that Jay and another retail helper took the time to help me and my wife with our decisions on the stones last Sunday. I don’t know why he spent the time with us, he wasn’t paid commission. It’s so much different than your competition. It was refreshing. That’s why we love your place!

Customer: Jack Watson
Employee: Patrick/Tony
We have had several great blower jobs done in the past, but today’s takes the cake! The guys were excellent in every aspect from start to finish. Outstanding job!

Customer: Steven M.
Employee: Jordon / James
I tell you what; Jordon & James were so great! I needed help with filling 2 baskets, (I have cancer and have no muscles), and those two guys just pitched in and filled the buckets right up for me!

Customer: Bill H.
Employee: Bill P.
The driver did a great job of putting the soil where I needed it. Very much appreciated!

Customer: Gary B
Employee: Joel / Dustin
Joel and Dustin did an absolutely wonderful job!!!

Customer: Hugh M.
Employee: Mike and Jeremiah
I really appreciate Lane Forest Products for the great people they hire. Also the crew did a great job blowing iColor Rich Red in my yard.

Customer: Mike R.
Employee: Eugene / Springfield Yards
Your service is just over the top. I have been in customer service all my life and every time I come in the yard, I am just blown away by the outstanding service. I didn’t expect that! I am greeted warmly and the young guys rush over to help me unload – it is that way in both places.

Customer: Larry L.
Employee: Springfield Crew
I went into the Springfield yard on Saturday. I appreciated the assistance of the young men who helped me unload my yard debris. I think we should reward good people and am willing to pay more for good service.

Customer: Lee P.
Employee: Brian / Jose / Aaron
The guys were just great! They got right out and helped me unload. And you guys in the office are great too! I love this place!

Customer: Eugene K
Employee: Michael C.
Driver was great – he put the [VeggieBoost] compost exactly where I wanted it. He’s a true professional.

Customer: Bob E
Thank you for delivering our Hemlock Bark. Please thank your driver for us… you all do an excellent job of keeping the bark on the driveway and off the lawn.

Customer: Becky N.
Employee: Eric and Josh
Today we had our bark delivery and blow-in service. The 2 men who provided our service were Eric and Josh.

Eric and Josh were both very professional and courteous. Not only was the bark put down with painstaking care, the clean-up following was exceptional.

I believe it important to take the time and show appreciation for a job well done… so please acknowledge both Eric and Josh for their outstanding job performance and their pride in workmanship. Lane Forest Products should be very proud of the way they represent themselves and your company.

We will continue to use Lane Forest Products for all our yard needs.

Customer: Mike N.
Employee: Bill P.
The driver went way out of his way and dumped the load in a far better place than we imagined. He was excellent!

Customer: Nona G.
Employee: Mike
I had 5 yards of Bark-O delivered and Mike was so nice! He did a perfect job of placing the material! Thank you.

Customer: Paula and Doug
Employee: Dylan and Chris
The two fellows were exceptional, very polite and were very careful about everything.

Customer: Sharon M.
Employee: Ricky and Aaron
The blower crew did a great job. They were kind and respectful to each other and looked like they enjoyed their work.

Customer: Henry T.
Employee: Mike and Chris
Great job! Got a real nice man at the hose, and his helper. He was very courteous and did a real nice job! I was worried about it, because the last time it didn’t turn out so well, it was lumpy, but the man said not to worry about it, that he would smooth it right out – and boy did he do a good job!

Customer: Elaine S.
Employee: Mike and Dylan
The guys should be commended for a great job – they worked great together, were very cheerful, placed the step-stones and coiled the hose after cleanup.

Customer: Woodruff Nursery L/S
Employee: Jered / Aaron / Ian
I just want to say that the guys did an amazing job today! They were very thorough and made our lives so much easier. We are greatly appreciative of LFP and the crew.

Customer: Jonathon P.
Employee: Spike
I’ve had many deliveries from LFP, Spike was great. He went above and beyond the call of duty.

Customer: Jim C.
Employee: Mike and Dylan
Mike did a very, very good job! I appreciate all your work. Thank you – excellent job!

Customer: Chuck V.
Employee: Rick and Josh
Where did you get those guys? They are very good. We are well satisfied and it looks very good! They were very professional and we really enjoyed them

Customer: Don M.
Employee: Joel and Dylan
Joel and Dylan are on-site blowing material and doing an amazing job! Their customer service is over the top exceptional. They are so great that the next time I order, I am confident that I can just let them do their thing.

Customer: Deborah S.
Employee: Doug
Doug dumped [split load Fir Bark & River Sand] right where I wanted it – quick and easy, and perfect! Doug had a great personality.

Customer: Nancy R.
Employee: Doug P. and Brook E.
The driver was very accurate and careful on his dumping. He put it in the right spot and only got a tablespoon size off the tarp! He was very nice and very smart. He’s a keeper! I couldn’t have done this without you [Brook] and the driver – you both made it possible – Thank You!

Customer: Angela P
Employee: Jered and Chris
I got my [Color Rich] red bark blown in this morning and the guys did an exceptional job. Looks fantastic.

Customer: Lyton W.
Employee: Doug
The driver was just great! He did a great job. He parked the truck in the right spot and got load in the middle of the tarp I laid down. Before he dumped, he came back to check with me about it. And he even swept and every bit of soil from truck!

Customer: Rick B.
Employee: Chris / Mike / Wes
You guys have a great crew. Chris and the rest have a great attitude and did an awesome job.

Customer: Lysbeth T.
Employee: Joel and Josh
Joel and Josh were so nice and courteous today. They did a great job putting the material exactly where I wanted it and asked me before they left if I needed anything else. Great job!

Customer: Desri G.
Employee: Joel and Dylan
Joel & Dylan were very accomodating and very nice to work with. This is why I have been a customer of LFP for years!

Customer: John R.
Employee: Jered and Josh
Jered and Josh did a wonderful job and excellent cleanup.

Customer: John R.

Customer: Meer Dieters
Employee: Jered and Dylan
I just want to say that the crew did a great job from start to finish. They were both professional with all aspects of the job and I am very pleased!

Customer: Sisters of Holy Names
Employee: Jered and Dylan
The guys were very efficient and extremely polite. We just want to say that we appreciate our whole experience with Lane Forest Products.

Customer: Erich R.
Employee: Delivery Drivers
I just wanted to say thank you! I’ve gotten gravel delivered to my home on 2 occasions and have been over joyed by the truck drivers both times. This last time I had 12 yards delivered, the gentleman who dropped it off was wonderfully helpful. He took the time to dump the load so that I had the minimal amount of work to spread it all out and compact it. You guys have always been fair and more than helpful, your customer service is excellent and very appreciated. Thanks for being a great local business!

Customer: Gayle L.
Employee: Bill
I wanted the bark spread and specifically asked that it be done in what I thought was a difficult spot. The driver was very patient and seemed to do it with ease. Thanks you. Job well done.

Customer: Foxwood Gardens
Employee: Joel and Josh
Josh and Joel did a great job blowing in both of our loads today and I just want to say that they are both outstanding gentlemen.

Customer: Ron F.
Employee: Mike and Dillan
These guys were just awesome! I’d hire them any time. They did an outstanding job and they are really good guys! I have been a superintendent of schools and know what it is like to do a job under pressure but these guys were just great.

Customer: Ron F.
Employee: Trevor K.
I tell you, Trevor is fantastic! He is just great to work with. If I had a business I would hire him right away! He always has great service when I come to the yard.

Customer: Aaron T.
Employee: Jeff W.
The driver was fantastic; he was really careful and did everything just perfectly.

Customer: Natural Wonders L/S
Employee: Mike and Dylan
Mike and Dylan did a great job blowing in material today and they hustled around to get things done in a timely manner. I greatly appreciate their efforts.

Customer: Charles P.
Employee: Bryan G.
I have been bringing some nasty delta debris and when I roll into the yard the guys kind of cringe. Except Bryan. He goes at it with a smile and a great attitude. Hard worker and always smiling.

Customer: Foxwood Gardens
Employee: Rick and Zac
Awesome work. Rick and Zac are doing really good work.

Customer: Susan and Steve G
Employee: Tom C.
Dear Tom,

We have finished our summer projects and are preparing for fall cleanup.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for listening to our concerns and putting a plan in place to remove Hemlock Bark from our driveway.

The credit provided made it possible to complete our project in a timely manner.

In a busy and complex world we truly appreciate the personable service you provided as a representative for Lane Forest Products.

Our sincerest gratitude.

Customer: Wade S.
Employee: Spike
Spike went above and beyond.

Customer: Matt T.
Employee: Joel and Josh
The guys did a great job. They were very helpful, courteous and professional. They also gave me some helpful rock advice.

Customer: Laurel Bay Gardens
Employee: Rick and Dylan
Rick and Dylan did a fantastic job. Arrived on time, cleaned up, replaced fountain water and were polite. I’m very pleased.

Customer: Jan L.
Employee: Erik and Chris
It was really great; it worked out great. I am very, very happy. They were super guys and did a good job of it all. I didn’t expect you to come out so soon and I had a 3′ x 3′ patch of weeds and one of your guys [Chris] offered to weed – so he helped me finish the spot up and I gave him some red peppers.

Customer: Bill B.
Employee: Doug
Doug was a true gentleman when delivering my walk-on bark. I had a tough request for him to meet and he put the bark right where I wanted it. I couldn’t be more happy with my delivery.

Customer: Willie and Sharon K.
Employee: Lane Forest Products
Dear Management and Staff,

We would like to say thank you and commend you on your incredible service, integrity and customer satisfaction. We have always depended on Lane Forest Products to help us maintain our yard.

We have purchased your fertilizers, bark, boulders and rock. Only once have we not been 100% pleased with the results of your services. We mentioned it in passing to Patty when we came into your office last week to order a unit of bark. We were not making a formal complaint but we did mention that we would hire someone to spread the bark rather than have it blown in due to our previous experience. Patty was very apologetic but pleased that we were placing another order. We left the office feeling good and appreciative of her kindness.

Upon arrival at home, we received a call from the manager at Lane Forest Products. It was a total surprise. He indicated that he appreciated our business and would like the opportunity to redeem the bark blowing team. He offered to have the unit of bark we had just purchased blown in complimentary. It was an incredible offer.

The two gentlemen that were assigned to make the bark delivery last Saturday, exceeded all expectations. They evenly distributed the bark, tidied up with the blower and hosing and left our yard looking beautiful. We felt that Lane Forest Products had delivered excellence.

Thank you for caring how we feel, restoring our confidence in your bark blowing services and more importantly, for making us feel valued. Patty is a treasure. We did not ask or expect such amazing considerations on our behalf. It was truly a job well done. You will see us again, you can be assured.Mahalo nui loa

Customer: Peggy W.
Employee: Sales Staff
I continue to order from Lane Forest Products because all of your employees (in the yard and on the phone) are so pleasant to deal with. And I’m pleased you support our local theater!

Customer: Michele A.
Employee: Patrick and Dylan
It looks just beautiful! And you were on time! The guys were so good and polite, they did a great job. I am so pleased and would recommend your company to anyone! Thank you very much.

Customer: Mike and Cindy V.
Employee: Doug
Doug did a great job delivering our 24 yards of gravel this morning. He was very careful, helpful, professional, courteous and friendly. He is an asset to LFP. Thank you for dispatching Doug to fill our order.

Customer: Peggy B.
Employee: Dylan and Mike
Dylan & Mike did a wonderful job – it looks so nice; I am very happy!

Customer: Christine D.
Employee: Tom T.
Tom did a great job getting our pellets in a very tight spot. He saved us a lot of work!

Customer: Sandy C.
Employee: Erik and Dylan
The guys did an excellent job, it looks great. They cleaned up really well and used less material than I expected so I saved money. I’m switching from Rexius to Lane Forest Products!

Customer: Ross G.
Employee: Mark S.
Mark is always very nice, but today he went above & beyond while loading my truck. Everyone here is very nice but Mark is exceptional.

Customer: Les W.
Employee: Springfield Yard Crew
You have a terrific crew in Springfield. They are always just great! The BarnYard compost is great stuff!

Customer: Gilles and Aileen
Employee: Mike and Wes
It looks really nice! I didn’t know that they were going to blow & clean everything off! It looks really cool; I’m going to have them blow bark on again.

Customer: Sheila
Employee: Mike and Chris
The blower crew were very professional and worked well as a team.

Customer: Francis P.
Employee: Tom T.
Tom far exceeded my expectations with the delivery. Placement was just great. Very professional. Thanks for the service from LFP

Customer: Gary C.
Employee: Nick
I came into the yard on Saturday, 7/2. It was very busy. Nick in the paver yard was very helpful, cheerful and had wonderful energy. I was very impressed; he had a great attitude.

Customer: Phil B.
Employee: Erik and Thomas
I just want to thank Erik and Thomas for doing such a wonderful job today. They were both so professional and efficient. Our yard looks amazing and we will continue to have your company blow bark in our yard for years to come.

Customer: Gary B.
Employee: Mark H. and Dylan
The guys did an excellent job. I would give them a 10 on a scale of 1-10

Customer: David B.
Employee: Springfield Site
I just wanted to say how much we appreciate the Springfield site workers. We’ve just started using Lane Forest for our residential yard needs, and every time we have gone to the Springfield site, whether it’s dumping branches or picking out pavers for the front yard, we have been treated with kindness and respect. Our kids even got ice cream, which totally made their day. Thank you for your work and keep it up! We will definitely be back.

Customer: Vicki M.
Employee: Joel and Zac
Joel and Zac have just completed our blower service and it is the best job we have ever had. They were so polite and did an immaculate job with clean-up. I really hope they are able to do my yard again next year.

Customer: Carolyn
Employee: Nathan and Chris
I am so pleased with the guys. They were polite and efficient as well as hard workers. I hope to see them both again next year.

Customer: Comfort Inn & Suites
Employee: Jered and Wes
In today’s world its easy to overlook good service and complain. I want to let you know that the gentlemen that arrived were friendly & professional. They walked the property and explained the process. Even checking in with me mid-way.

Thank you and keep up the great work!Comfort Inn & Suites, Creswell

Customer: Mark P.
Employee: Derek and Chris
The blower crew did a really really awesome job!

Customer: The Country Gardener
Employee: Mark H. and Thomas
I am very pleased with the customer service the guys performed as well as the overall project. Because of both, you have a life-long customer! Splendid job! I couldn’t ask for a better job guys, thank you!

Customer: Fred
Employee: Jered and Dillen
Jered and Dillen did an excellent job – they got the product to the correct depth and did great job of clean up; very pleased. Thanks for all the good work.

Customer: Sally
Employee: Sean
Sean put the dirt exactly where I wanted it, he got intoa difficult area and he was fantastic.

Customer: Hugh
Employee: Jered and Thomas
I want to let you know that I’m impressed by the people in your organization. This is the second year we have had bark blown on our property. The two young men who delivered the bark this year were courteous and prefessional in carrying out their assignment. The lady who took our order over the phone was helpful.

It is a tribute to your selection and training of personnel that we have been so pleased in our dealings with Lane Forest Products for the past two years.

Customer: Jeannine
Employee: Joel and Aaron
Joel and Aaron did an excellent job. Very careful and courteous.

Customer: Andy
Employee: Joel and Josh
Joel was great! Josh was also very good. My 3rd time and this crew was fabulous. Would like to request Joel in the future. Great job. Thank you.

Customer: Joel and Josh
Employee: Wayne
I was very impressed with the crew’s work from the start to the finish. The clean-up was spectacular; the whole job was more than I expected.

Customer: Geneva
Employee: Eric and Aaron
Great job on the blower service. Very thorough with clean-up.

Customer: Jack
Employee: Mick and Dylan
The LFP crew did an amazing job. We had 5 units of PlayAway Fiber Chips blown-in and it looks great! The place is spotless and the LFP crew was a pleasure to work with!

Customer: Leone
Employee: Tom T
I was very happy with the driver; enjoyed that he was able to put the product where I wanted it. Thank you so much!

Customer: Willie
Employee: Erik and Aaron
They did a great job covering seed!

Customer: George
Employee: Jared and Aaron
The boys did a marvelous job. We are very pleased with the bark and they did a very nice job with the clean up. Make sure their suporvisor knows! They are very nice young men!

Customer: Rod
Employee: Mike / Dylan / Derek
The guys went above and beyond with their customer service. They did an excellent job and we look forward to seeing them again!

Customer: Chuck S
Employee: Rick / Derek / Wes
I just wanted to say that Rick, Derek and Wes did a great job. They were kind, courteous, and it clearly showed that they take pride in their work. We are extremely happy with their efforts. Thank You!!

Customer: Charles H
Employee: Springfield Yard Crew
The guys are fabulous; cheerful and helped shovel out the load.

Customer: Julie
Employee: Doug
I ordered 24 yards of loam, and had a great experience with LFP all the way around! I have a lot of work to do, and will be calling you again.

Customer: Michelle
Employee: Patrick and Dylan / Eric and Aaron
Great job in both cases. Professional, and cleanup was really easy due to their great work.

Customer: Mrs. Place
Employee: Springfield Retail Yard
I wanted to thank everyone at the Springfield retail yard for helping me, especially Wayne. I was in several times today and the staff exceeded all my expectations! Thanks again.

Customer: Claudia
Employee: Spike/Nathan/Zac
Your crew is very professional and I am more than satisfied with the job. Thank you so much!

Customer: Pier
Employee: Rick and Dylan
The guys did an outstanding job; I am very pleased. They were very courteous, professional and patient. Previously I used rexius and they didn’t do half as good a job cleaning up as Lane Forest did.

Customer: Gene
Employee: Rick and Aaron
Place looks great. No, better than great because the wife is happy. If she is happy, everyone is happy!

Customer: Deborah N
Employee: Spike and Chris
I have been an HR director for 12 years. Chris is a great employee for your company; great attitude, moved furniture, went above and beyond!

Customer: Nancy
Employee: Tom T
Tom was the nicest driver. I’ve never had a nicer experience with your drivers. I also really appreciated the Mother’s Day gift bag!

Customer: Tish L
Employee: Mike and Chris
They did a great job and were very professional. I would recommend LFP to anyone, and will have them back again next time!

Customer: Cruz
Employee: Neal
The driver was very nice. Neil’s attitude and skill is much appreciated.

Customer: Noel B
Employee: Joel and Spike
The guys did a superb job! They were so respectful. I have a Japanese garden and they were so careful with everything; it just looks gorgeous!

Customer: Barbara
Employee: Eric and Travis
The crew was right on time! Eric was very knowledgeable; I was very impressed! The guys did a great job and it was immaculate! It couldn’t have been better! Thanks Lane Forest Products!

Customer: Duane M
Employee: Rick/Zac/Aaron
The guys did a beautiful job! It looks wonderful.

Customer: Darrell
Employee: Mike/Chris/Spike
Very pleased; professionally done; excellent cleanup – I love the Blended Mint – looks fabulous

Customer: Charles A
Employee: James/BJ/Trever
I’ve been blown away by the service in the Springfield Yard. These guys do a great job taking care of us. Everyone is great. The yard is spotless!

Customer: Linda L
Employee: Mike/Chris/Spike
The guys did a wonderful job and it look fabulous! I don’t have the ugliest yard on the block now – instead it’s one of the nicest!

Customer: Gayle S
Employee: Joe
The driver placed the material exactly where I wanted it! He was very professional.

Customer: Ken A
Employee: Erik/Travis/David
The guys were very accomodating and did a terrific job. Very pleased with their work.

Customer: Scott
Employee: Erik and Zac
They guys were great at selling your product, and did a great job.

Customer: Back to the Roots
Employee: Mark S
Thank you for all of the help, especially Mark S. with handling an issue with a fradulant charge.

Customer: Robert M
Employee: Rick and Jared
I am so pleased with the crew that I worked with. The cleanup was excellent and great service. I will have more work done and will definitely use LFP again, hopefully with the same crew!

Customer: Bill
Employee: Mike and Chris
Mike & Chris did a great job with the blower service. They were polite and professional.

Customer: KAREN A
Employee: Patty
It’s Spring break. The weather forecast is not looking great for the garden chores. Then, Tuesday morning, 6:45 a.m., coffee on, “tuned in” to Seth for the weather report and bwallah! He reports a possible weather break.

It’s 7 a.m. and I place a call to Lane Forest Products. Patty answers their phone and cheerfully reports “Yes, we can deliver today and we have a $10 off coupon for you as well.” Wow. Weather break, soil delivery and a coupon. Unfortunately no time for a casino run. At 8:55 a.m. the Lane Forest driver arrives at our home and teases me about having my work cut out and to enjoy my day spreading three yards of Nitrogen Mix. Yippee!

End of my day reflection: Be mindful of the simple joys of life and appreciate the special people in our community who bring a smile to the heart through their efforts in bringing us good service.

Customer: Mike M
Employee: Erik/David/Travis
I am extremely happy with the service provided – It was money well spent and Erik and his crew did a great job on the cleanup and they did the best application EVER at my residence – THANK YOU!

Customer: Jim M
Employee: Joel and Travis
Joel and Travis were STUDS and did a great job. More than happy to make a testimonial for the job well done. They truly earned the compliment as I don’t just give them out.

Customer: Teresa
Employee: Joel and Travis
Yesterday I had a driving mishap with my truck & horse trailer on Bailey Hill Rd. Joel and Travis stopped to help – I am very grateful!

Employee: Eric and Zac
The crew did an awesome job, even though it was rain rain rain! Great attitiude!

Employee: Jason and Caleb
The guys helped me dump my truck in one-go – in the yard debris drop off.

Customer: Bill W
Employee: Jeff
The driver Jeff was great! He was really friendly and put my wood delivery right where I wanted it. I am very impressed with Lane Forest Products! Very friendly people. Thank you for great service.

Customer: Valerie C
Employee: Rick/Josh/Jered
It looks great; great job – beautiful! Fantastic cleanup. The guys did a wonderful job.

Customer: Barb
Employee: Rick and Travis
Rick and Travis did an awesome job of blowing and cleaning up!

Customer: Cynthia/Dave S
Employee: Erik/Josh/Jered
The guys did an awesome job under difficult, pouring-rain conditions. I really appreciate the extra care and attention to detail. Great job!

Customer: Desri
Employee: Joel/Zac/Travis
I can’t say enough about how great the crew was – Very Special Guys! – and what a beautiful job they did blowing in my Blended Mint.

Customer: John R
Employee: Erik and Chris
Erik and Chris did a fabulous job and excellent cleanup. I have been a long time customer and I think Lane Forest is the best.

Customer: Kirk S.
Employee: Patrick and Chris
It looks awesome. I don’t know how the crew did such a great job.

Customer: Cutting Edge L/S
Employee: Patrick and Josh
This is the best blower service I have ever gotten. The crew took their time to get it right.

Customer: John G
Employee: Patrick and Mike
Very pleased with my Chicken Compost blow-in. The guys did a really nice job, especially with the cleanup around the concrete areas. Looks absolutely wonderful.

Everytime I come in to the Retial Yard, everyone is very friendly and helpful. Not a lot of companies out there do that any more – very appreciated

Customer: Sam H
Employee: Mike and Tony
Superior job!

Customer: Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association
This is a letter of thanks for your recent help with the rebarking of the trails and walkways in the Eugene Masonic Cemetery. The Board of Directors feel strongly about the appearance and maintenance of the grounds. Your guys seemed to appreciate this, and worked carefully to avoid disturbing or damaging plants and monuments; this too is greatly appreciated.

Customer: John B
My wife and I are fans of your Blended Mint Compost. We started about 6-7 years ago with 2 units, and your guys did a splendid job of blowing it into place. Since the my wife (the real gardener!) has ordered 2-3 yars each year. Her work resulted in our garden being chosen for the KLCC Garden Tour this year. The mulch really helped, both with growing and with appearance. I also need to tell you we appreciate the consistent friendliness of the drivers.

Customer: Jim
Employee: Bill and Brook
I was overwhelmed by the customer service! They both went out of their way to do a superb job and went above and beyond. The driver was excellent!

Customer: Shirley
Employee: Erik
Erik had a great attitude! Very pleased with his customer service

Customer: Tom S
Employee: Joel and Mike
The crew was delightful, hard-working and did a great cleanup job!

Customer: Dennis
Employee: Mike and Mike
Crew arrived early, did a beautiful job; the yard looks great!

Customer: Bob E
Employee: Joel and Tony
Looks beautiful! Crew did a fabulous job!

Customer: Annski
Employee: Mike / Lindsay / Kim
I have had several flatbed deliveries, Kim has has provided great service, has a positive attitude and great skills! Mike and Lindsay in Hardscapes were very helpful.

Customer: Lisa
Employee: Renee
Thanks for helping me order gravel, she was very helpful and professional.

Customer: John
Employee: Brad and Nick
I appreciate the help and hustle of the Eugene yard debris crew!

Customer: Kam
Employee: Doug
The driver was just amazing! He placed the rock right where I wanted it. You guys are fast and have a good attitude.

Customer: Edie
Employee: Erik and Chris
Crew did a great job. They explained everything perfectly, and did exactly what they said they would.

Customer: Asha
I want to let the owners know that I have just finished a huge patio/rock wall project and the staff was wonderful. They were always patient, helpful and professional. Goods were always delivered within the time frame given, the product was always the correct product ordered and not damaged. I wanted to put this review on the site but I don’t have a gmail account. Maybe you can do that? You guys rock!!!!

Customer: Virgil
Employee: Joel and Tony
The blower crew did an excellent job. I can tell these guys take pride in their work!

Customer: Jim
Employee: Joel and Joe
My lawn is coming in wonderfully! The LFP crew did an amazing job; Kudos to the crew!

Customer: Kevin
Employee: Joel and Anthony
Joel and Anthony fixed my unlevel ground when blowing in – thanks!

Customer: Noba
Employee: Brad
Thanks for helping me trade beach sand for river sand!

Customer: Gary
Employee: Joel
Thanks for another great job by Joel. The crew made most demanding client very happy.

Customer: Craig
Employee: Springfield Yard Crew
The crew was helpful; great attitude and cheerful! I always have a great experience there and I appreciate all the help!

Lindsay is always great with the customer service and helpful info!

Customer: Robert
Employee: Erik and Tony
the men were very professional; nice cleanup and they did a great job!

Customer: Grant
Employee: Erik and Tony
Outstanding work

Customer: Hannah
Employee: Joel and Anthony
The service I received was exceptional; the guys who blew in my drit did such a good job! Really good work and service! A++

Customer: Ann
Employee: Erik and Chris
Awesome job – best I’ve ever had – the crew was very careful and meticulous. Great Job!

Customer: Bob
Employee: Jordan and Zac
I was very pleased with the blower service.

Customer: Eric
Employee: Eric and Tony
Great job on blowing bark, great cleanup.Very professional and nice guys!

Customer: Jamie
Employee: Jordan and Zac
The crew really worked with me to get done what I wanted. They did a FABULOUS job cleaning up! I’m enjoying my yard! Thank You!

Customer: Neel Management
Employee: Eric and Joe
Big Atta-Boy for the crew, working their butts off; they did everything I asked. Great job!

Customer: Laurel K
Expert sales staff – This is why I keep coming back to Lane Forest Products.

Customer: Karen
Employee: Jordan
Jordan did a fabulous job applying the bark; it looks great!

Customer: Miroza
Employee: Erik and Anthony
My yard looks wonderful; I wake up every morning and look out my window at my beautiful new yard. The drivers were very cute too!

Employee: Mike and Derik
Our yard looks wonderful.

Customer: Lonnie
Employee: Joel and Colt
Very happy with my blower service of 12 units Blended Mint Compost. Joel and Colt did a fabulous job; I appreciate how careful they were!

Customer: Julie
Employee: Ken / Zak / Colt
Was very impressed with the service, and was cleaned up so nice! You’re awesome and I will tell my friends.

Customer: Laurel
Employee: Joel
Joel did an awesome job! It was just perfect. It couldn’t have been better!

Customer: Jani
Employee: Mike and Zac
Great service, friendly! We appreciate the quality of work. We are really, really happy!

Customer: Matt
Employee: Patrick and Joe
Great job. Great cleanup. Patrick and Joe were excellent!

Customer: Elaine & Mike
Employee: Gordon and Zac
Gorrdon and Zac made a wonderful impression; very pleasant, cheerful, happy – they represented the company very well. They made it really fun Well done!

Customer: Trish
Employee: Mike and Colt
The crew did an excellent job.

Customer: Anne
Employee: Erik and Tony
I am so happy with the clean-up and the blowing service. My yard looks beautiful! Erik and Tony did an outstanding job.

Customer: Jack
Employee: Jordan and Zac
Jordan and Zac were very professional, courteous and responsive; the job looks great!

Customer: bob
Employee: Kim
She was professional, kind, fast and did an excellent job!

Customer: John
Employee: Mike and Tony
Great Job! Mike and Tony were great. This saved two days of back-breaking work!

Customer: Marilyn
Employee: Mike and Tony
It was the best job I’ve ever seen in my years of ordering Blower Service; both in skill of application and clean-up.

Customer: Larry & Jeanne
Employee: Rick and Zac
What a fabulous job Rick and Zac did on our yard and our neighbors’. They did quality work all around – Thank!

Customer: George
Employee: Patrick and Chris
Racked and leveled an area that we couldn’t get to, and did a fabulous job!

Customer: Gregg
Employee: Rick and Joe
Great cleanup job and great job overall; It’s the best you’ve ever done!

Customer: Judy
Employee: Rick and Joe
As always, LFP crew did a very professional job on all fronts. The crew that came was excellent and did a fantastic job!

Customer: Richard/Patty
Employee: Rick and Tony
Great job – pleased with the professional job; great job in placing the Hemlock. Also great cleanup

Customer: Roshell
Employee: Rick and Joel
Great job in difficult conditions. Very nice job!

Customer: Ed L.
Employee: Patrick and Zac
Patrick and Zac did a real good job! I’m very pleased with the work.

Employee: Patrick and Zach
Two real good guys – hard workers and very polite.

Customer: David
Employee: Eric and Chris
I am so pleased with the customer service with Peter – Give him 2 atta-boys! The blower crew was also very professional and got the job done just the way I wanted it.

Employee: Mike and Zac
Great job – very pleased with Zac’s work and his pleasant attitude

Customer: Lisa
Employee: Jeff W.
I was very impressed with Jeff’s driving abilities; he dumped the rock right where I wanted it, even though it was a bit difficult.

Customer: Bill
Employee: Joel and Tony
Wanted to compliment the crew on how professionally they performed, their wonderful attitude and perfect cleanup!

Customer: Bev M.
Employee: Rene/Rick/Tony
Rene did a great job in explaining how the blower service works. The crew was wonderful with applying the blended mint.

Customer: Emerald Lawn
Employee: Joel and Joe
The guys did a great job. The cleanup was great; Icing on the cake!

Customer: River of Life
Employee: Kim and Zac
Everyone in the hardscape yard was very helpful. Our experience was great from beginning to delivery – Thank You!

Customer: Ingrid
Employee: Doug
Doug was marvelous – He dumped the Lawn Base / Blended Mint exactly where I wanted it – Great job!

Customer: Sharon
Employee: Mike and Zak
The crew did a great job – I am very happy!

Customer: Dave
Employee: Joel and Rick
Great crew, very impressed with the excellent job they did; including cleanup! They were a pleasure to work with.

Customer: Sannon
Employee: Bill
The driver was amazing; he was very quick and got the 2 units right on the tarp. He was friendly and accomodating.

Customer: Heather
Employee: Erik and Zack
Very pleased. The crew was so nice and polite; they did an immaculate cleanup job.

Customer: Roger
Employee: Rick and Zac
I was thrilled with the job Zac and Rick did.

Customer: Joe with Super HandyMan
Employee: Rick
Was in the yard debris area today dealing with a really nasty load and Rick really helped out. Had to take some phone calls while there and Rick just kept right on working on the load. VERY IMPRESSED! Rick really helped out!

Customer: Laurel Bay
Employee: Mike
The depth was even and cleanup was excellent.

Customer: Bill
Employee: Spencer
Spencer always goes out of the way to help and makes everything easier. He is always courtious. Spencer is an exceptional employee!

Customer: Shannon
Employee: Doug
Doug did a fantastic job!

Customer: Fred
Employee: Patrick
Patrick was very helpful and a great driver.

Customer: Rachael
Employee: Patrick
Very pleased with the driver’s ability to place the material where it was needed. Everything went perfect.

Customer: Debbie
Employee: Bill P.
The firewood delivered is a really nice load & the driver did a great job!

Employee: Patrick & Chris
The crew was very prefessional and did a wonderful job. They were so good!

Customer: Jay
Employee: Joel & Chris
I was very pleased with the blower service from start to finish. Joel and Chris did an exceptional job

Employee: Kim
Kim was great and she did a great job with the delivery.

Customer: Greg
Employee: Joel & Zac
Joel and Zac did a great job!

Customer: David
Employee: Wayne
Wayne was most helpful! He was very willing to help and it was much appreciated.

Customer: Pat
Employee: Eric & Zac
The guys did a thorough job. I am very pleased!

Customer: Cindy
Employee: Patrick
Patrick is a genious driver! 2 inches from the fence with nothing on it

Customer: Sheri
Employee: Rick & Chris
Thanks for getting to me so quick – the guys did a great job, it looks wonderful!

Customer: Don
Employee: Zack/Rick/Patric
These guys are hard workers, great cleanup; they were awesome.

Employee: Patric & Tony
The crew worked hard from start to finish; great cleanup; They far exceeded my expectations.

Employee: Erik & Chris
The crew was very friendly, professional and did a good job.

Customer: Rolf
Employee: Joel/Tony/Brook
The drew did a great job with my lawn seed blow-in. Thanks to Brook for all her help!

Customer: Jane
Employee: Mike & Tony
The guys did a wonderful job + cleanup!

Customer: Lynn
Employee: Erik & Chris
They did an excellent job, everything looks great – wonderful crew.

Employee: Patrick
Patrick was very polite & a very nice kid. Excellent clean up!

Customer: Deanna
Employee: Erik & Mark
The guys were wonderful, they did a great job and were really nice! I want to take $20 out of my credit card to give $10 to each guy to say thank you; it will at least pay for their lunches.

Customer: Cathy
Employee: Erik & Anthony
Great job and good cleanup! The guys were pleasant and nice to work with!

Customer: Walter
Employee: Mike & Matt
Mike and Matt did a wonderful job! See you again in 3 years!

Customer: Joe
Employee: Rick
Rick is very personable and helpful everytime we come in. I never call in for anything like this, but Rick is an exceptional worker!

Customer: Mike
Employee: Joel & Anthony
The blower crew was awesome. They cleaned everything up well – will highly recommend LFP!

Customer: Jeremy
Employee: Ben & Matt
Ben and Zac did a fantastic job! Just had to rave about how the crew took care fo me – great job & clean up! I

Employee: Ben & Zac
Ben and Zac did a fantastic job! They spread the lawn base so evenly I didn’t have to do anything but roll it out.Very pleased with the product and the great service. I will be back!

Customer: Lynn
Employee: Ben & Matt
They did a great job and they were great to work with.

Customer: Pam
Employee: Brook, Joel & Zac
Thanks to Brook for her work in setting up the blower delivery. Joel and Zak did a wonderful job. They cleaned up everything so nicely. Thank you!

Customer: Marina
Employee: Rick
Rick was professional and friendly – couldn’t be any happier with the service

Customer: Bev
Employee: Rick & Zac
My place hasn’t looked this good in 20 years! The crew cleaned up so well and took extra care in applying the Bark O Mulch, and cleaning around the bushes. Both get a big Kudos!

I wanted to take a moment to say how very grateful I am to your young men working the yard debries pile at your Springfield site. I lost my PDA while dumping yard debries. When I discovered it missing I went back to your site and informed an employee at the gate. He contacted the folks at the yard debries pile and they immediately stopped what they were doing and searched for my phone. While one employee called my phone the others listened for its ring. They located my phone and returned it to me. I am very grateful for their hard work . They saved me several hundred dollars since I don\’t have to replace it. I’m sending this e-mail on the same PDA. The employees deserve recognition for their efforts. I for one am very grateful. I’m your customer for life! Thank you again!

Employee: Mark, Eric & Matt
Mark did a perfect job with the estimate and Eric & Matt were fabulous!

Customer: Jill
Employee: Joel & Tony
Joel & Tony did a really good job and nice cleanup as well.

Customer: Andy
Employee: Patrick & Matt
The guys did an excellent job and were very polite.

Customer: Matt and Rina
Employee: Jeremiah
Hi,Wanted to complement Jeremiah for a great job in helping me and being so patient with me. we were building a large patio, could not decide on what to use, and came in about 4-6 times. Each time, Jeremiah was very knowing, helpful and patient. Great employee you have there. Thanks Matt and Rina.

Customer: Ted w/Natural Wonders
Employee: Patrick & Zack
I’m very pleased with the service and the crew. They did a very good job.

Customer: Ed
Employee: Randy
The driver was right on time with firewood delivery. He was very nice and did a great job unloading.

Customer: Don
Employee: Patrick & Chris
Very pleased with the quality of the job. The crew was very friendly and professional.

Customer: Don & Toni
Employee: Joel & Joe
You guys did a fantastic job!

Customer: Chris S.
Employee: Eric & Tony
My name is Chris S. and I am the Support Services Captain for the Santa Clara Fire District. We recently took delivery of 3 units of bark-o-mulch at our station located at 3939 River Road.

I want you to know how impressed I was with the two gentlemen, Eric and Tony,who came out to put the bark down. They made a sincere effort to make sure I was happy with the job and they did a superb job of ensuring the lot was cleaned up after they were finished. Both men displayed a great attitude and worked hard the entire time.

I will gladly recommend your company to any and all my friends, family, co-workers, etc. Congratulations on having such fine employees as these two men.

Sincerely, Chris S.

Customer: Kathleen
Employee: Erik & Keith
Erik and Keith did an excellent job blowing-in my hemlock.

Customer: Starla
Employee: LFP employees
I was in getting buckets of product on Saturday (June 27,2009) and the Lane Forest employees were very helpful. I have been a customer for a number of years and always have a good experience! LFP rocks it! Fabulous job all around!

Customer: Margy
Employee: Jeremiah
Your salesperson, Jeremiah was so very helpful and cheerful in helping me with my selection of rock! I told him I thought he deserved a raise, but would probably not get one.

Customer: Nancy
Employee: Joel & Zak
The guys were good about carefully blowing around the water feature; they didn’t blast it or make a mess. The cleanup was amazing, and everything looks great! Very pleased with the service all around.

Customer: Shaun
Employee: Joel & Zac
You guys did a phenomenal job! Great job on cleanup also. I will definitely use Lane Forest Products again.

Customer: Bonnie
Employee: Joel & Anthony
They were very detailed; they cleaned up well. They were very, very pleasant.

Customer: Sarah
Employee: Patrick & Chris W.
The guys were nice, polite, cleaned up very well and it was all done with a great price!

Customer: Andy
Employee: Cameron & Anthony
Kudos to the guys! Nice job, nice cleanup. Overly pleased with the entire thing.

Customer: Ludd
Employee: Rick & Matt
The guys did a great job and worked hard taking care of everything.

Customer: Dee
Employee: Patrick & Joe
Patrick and Joe did the Best! Excellent cleanup!

Employee: Patrick & Joe
Out of all the companies/people they have had working for them – you guys are the best!

Customer: Ellie
Employee: Zak
Zak is a friendly, helpful hardworking guy – an asset to your company… he is cute too!

Customer: Marge
Employee: Ben / Matt
I called Marge to follow up on her blower service – she was so impressed by Matt and Ben that she was in the middle of writing a letter for us when I called. Marge said that she has hired a lot of workers for her house in the past, and that Matt and Ben are the best workers she has had. She’ll be recommending us to all of her friends.

Customer: Joe
Employee: Ben & Matt
Ben and Matt did a fabulous job. They were very nice, polite and efficient. The place looks beautiful.

Customer: Ric
Employee: Doug
Last Wednesday we ordered 9 yards of loam, and it was delivered within the hour. Your driver did an exceptional job of dumping it in several different spots, making it much easier for us to spread, and keeping it out of the driveway. He had to maneuver in very tight spaces and protect the new concrete curb- some very impressive driving! It was his suggestion to go to the extra effort, and we want it known that his work was appreciated. Didn\’t get his name, but he deserves recognition!

Customer: Jack
Employee: Spencer
I just wanted to say that a Spencer that works in your Springfield Staff is a great employee. Every time I have come to the Springfield Yard i have had nothing but excellent service from this employee, he has shown nothing but the utmost professionalism.

Thanks again Lane Forest Products and i look forward to continuing using your company as long as there are professionals like that working for you!

I pulled in to dump some yard debris and there was quite a line but it moved very quickly and I didn’t have to wait as long as I expected and when I got to the area to drop off my debris, I parked next to an elderly woman with a pick up load of sod. The young man on the loader, instead of sitting in the seat, got off of the loader and helped the elderly woman unload the sod and then got back on the loader without missing a beat.

Customer: Mike and Julie
Employee: Jeremiah P./Renee T./Doug D.
We are extremely happy with our mulch purchase this morning – starting with our visit to your facility where a really nice and knowledgeable gentleman helped us with pricing and product information. After going home to get some measurements, we called and received excellent customer service when ordering. Then, to top it all off, the truck driver was friendly and professional and was able to maneuver his truck so the mulch could be placed in the best possible location.

We are thrilled with our experience with your company and will definitely be back for further purchases! Thank you!

If you could thank them all for us, we would appreciate it!

Customer: Gary
Employee: Anthony & Ben
Great Job! They did such a great job, I wanted to take them both out to lunch! They were very professional and nice guys.

Customer: Jim
Employee: Joel & Zac
The blower crew did an excellent job – even by my standards – They are keepers!

Customer: KIPCO
Employee: Rick/Keith
Blew in 5 units Bark; very pleased with the crew’s workmanship; polite and courteous. They did an excellent job.

Customer: The Abbott’s
Employee: Gabe & Patrick
Dear LFP Managers,

I just want to commend your company and very fine staff of employees for a job very well done.

I stopped by last Saturday to check out the mulches. Your employee quickly directed me and recommended what I was looking for…Chunky Bark. I called at 10:30 AM this morning and had my bark by 11:30 AM. Now that’s fast service, with a smile. Patrick expertly delivered.

Thank you, the Abbott’s

Customer: Julie
Employee: Ben
Ben was just fantastic! I am really pleased with the job he did. I had him last year and asked for him this time. He did a fantastic job!

Employee: Rick/Keith
The guys did an awesome job, were on time, very polite and did a great cleanup job. Will be ordering from LFP again.

Employee: Eric/Tony/Jeff
Blower crew did a fabulous job! It looks wonderful.

Employee: Joel/Zac/Peter
Our service was a 4-star rating. Very pleased with the quality of the job, the crew, and the sales team. Will definitely use LFP again.

Employee: Patrick & Anthony
The crew did a wonderful job and were very careful and neat. Cleanup was super and the crew were friendly and thoughtful.

Employee: Joe T.
Nice. Friendly; did a perfect job. Joe did a wonderful job placing the order in a tight spot.

Customer: Stonewood Construction
Employee: Jeff W.
The crew did a great job with tree and power lines while bringing Action Drop Box. They did a great job. Thank you!

Customer: Joy
Employee: Tom T.
Tom was very kind and considerate in making my delivery of soil and sand.

Customer: Jan
Employee: Patrick R.
I am very pleased with LFP; fast service, quality product and courteous drivers.

Customer: Merlence A.
Employee: Mike & Zac
I have compost blown-in every year and this time was the best ever! Mike and Zac were very attentive and cleanup was great!

Customer: Laura
Employee: Cameron & Anthony
Cameron and Anthony did an excellent job for a tough client.

Customer: Dougherty L/S
Employee: Erik & Tony
Cudos to Erik and Tony! Great job with blowing and cleanup. They were so nice and did a good job with placing the soil and cleanup. Very professional.

Customer: Diane H.
Employee: Ben & Zac
Great job! Ben and Zac were very nice and kept the place spotless!

Customer: Branching Out
Employee: Dispatch
Jay had equipment problems today and called to thank everyone for working with them in changing their scheduled time today.

Employee: Rick & Keith
Very pleased with service and quality of clean up.

Customer: Lee K.
Employee: All
I just want to say you guys are the most helpful of anyone I’ve talked to. Thank you very much!

Customer: Lee K.
I just want to say you guys are the most helpful of anyone I talked to – Thank You very much!

Employee: Patrick & Matt
They did a very good job with clean-up. It wasn’t a “blow & go” job and the crew was great.

Customer: Larry
Employee: Joel & Matt
The crew was very professional and they treated the property as if it was theirs. Was very pleased with the overall service.

Customer: Carolyn
Employee: Joel & Anthony
The crew was friendly, professional and did a great job. Couldn’t be happier with the service.

Employee: Patrick & Anthony
This was the best service I’ve ever had. Rare to get such a nice job anymore. The crew was clean, neat, professional and friendly.

Customer: Robert
Employee: Ben & Matt
Great Job! Ben and Matt were very kind and courteous – they are to commended & deserve a pay raise!

Customer: Nola & Ken
Employee: Keith & Joel
Your blower service looked beautiful, and your cleanup was excellent. I will surely use Lane Forest Products again!

Employee: Cameron & HelperCameron & helper
Yesterday, January 29th, your company blew bark mulch at Torrey Pines condo’s.

I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the professional job done by Cameron and his helper. Not only do the beds look grreat, but all the excess bark dust was blown or hosed off of the lawn, sidewalks, and driveways. I even received a compliment from our owner who is most difficult to please!

It’s a pleasure to do business with your staff!

Customer: Sally
Employee: Ben & Tony
5 Units of sawdust blown-in, the crew did a wonderful job

Customer: Greg
Employee: employees
The employees of Lane Forest Products are patient and polite; a great help.The girls and the guys in the yard are great.

Employee: Mike & Anthony
I’ve used the “Other Guys” for years. This crew was the most professional I have ever had. The clean-up was awesome; better price and MUCH better service!

Employee: Joel & Keith
Both Joel and Keith did above and beyond the expected service. Great attitude, cleanup, and truly wanting to supply outstanding service. They took the time to ask questions of the customer to ensure the quality of the job.

Customer: Lora P
I would like to thank you and your yard staff for the excellent service we always receive when dumping our yard debris at your Eugene location. I would like to especially thank a courteous man who assisted me on 11/22/08 by helping me unload my leaves.

On 11/19/08 my husband was dumping our debris when he began to feel sick. He stopped unloading and rushed home only to discover that he was in the beginning stages of a massive heart attack. He was able to get assistance and with the fabulous care at SHGH I am happy to say that he survived.

Before he came back home I wanted to get rid of the leaves that he was unable to discard of. So on Saturday I took them to Lane Forest Products in Eugene. I was anxious because of the recent scare and while unloading them a helpful employee stopped his tractor, jumped off and came over to assist me without being asked to. This act of outstanding customer service means more to me than you will ever know!

It has been the kindness of so many strangers and friends in the recent days that have helped me to cope with this traumatic and stressful situation.

THANK YOU and Happy Holidays!

Customer: John M.
Employee: Joel & Keith
Joel and Keith were great guys, and great ambassadors of Lane Forest Products!

Employee: Joel & Anthony
Excellent customer service by Joel and Anthony – Material was placed exactly where it was wanted – The horses are very happy.

Customer: Cassandra
Employee: Joel & Anthony
While following up on another blow-in job, Cassandra from Barrett L/S took the opportunity to say how much she appreciated Joel & his great quality of work; It was a complicated job and he paid attention to every detail, was very professional, easy to work with and worked very well with Anthony to make sure the job was done well. They were a great team

Customer: Shawn
Employee: Jeff W.
Jeff did an excellent job and put the Hog Fuel right where it was wanted.

Customer: Shannon
Employee: Mark & Don
I really appreciate the drivers’ skills, professionalism, and good attitude – especially since the last delivery was a bit challenging.

Customer: Gene
Employee: Rick & Anthony
Customer after crew left to say they did a really great job.

Customer: Cindy
Employee: David S
Customer called to compliment David and our great service. David arrived early, helped layout the tarp, was neat & dumped Blended Mint

Employee: Erik W.
The crew did a great job for the Lawn Base and Seed Blow-in. Erik was very professional and did everything expected.

Customer: Judy S.
Employee: Bill P.
The driver was above amazing! He placed the wood chips right on the tarp without spilling anything off the sides. He was right on target!

Customer: Regina and Brian
Employee: Mike, Keith and Patty
We were more than pleased with the excellent service we received from your crew on Tuesday, September 9. We had a truckload of bark blown on. Mike and Keith were pleasant, hard-working and efficient. They moved right along with the work and they cleaned up after themselves. The experience really made my day.

Also, my initial contact with Patty was more than satisfactory. She was helpful and efficient in pricing our job and scheduling it quickly. We were pleased to receive the follow up call after the service.

We would highly recommend this service to anyone and we will certainly use Lane Forest again.

Employee: Mike & Rob
Mike and Rob did a great job!

Employee: Joel, Tony and Tony
We had blow-in service of Hemlock. They were polite, they communicated the process well and they cleaned up the yard very well. They did a great wonderful job!

Customer: Ron
Employee: Rick and Joe F.
The crew was very professional; they did an outstanding job and cleaned up after. I will be spreading the word about your service!

Employee: Cody and Rob
These guys did a great job! We really appreciate the careful cleanup. Thanks for the careful driving down our hill.

Customer: Michael
Employee: Dan
Dan was willing to work with me and did a wonderful job! Compliments to Dan!

Customer: Michelle
Employee: Rick and Tony
Tony and Rick were outstanding. They answered all my questions and did a great clean-up job when they were finished. They were really nice. Lane forest Products can come back anytime!

Customer: Lynn
Employee: Dave S.
Lane forest delivered a split of Blended Mint and Nature’s Best. The driver did a great job and he was very nice. Thanks to LFP, I am a very happy customer.

Customer: Ernest
Employee: Springfield Yard
You are doing a fabulous job! Have been going to your yard for years and every time is a great experience. Thanks for the help!

Customer: Chris
Employee: Mark R
Great job placing one unit of Hemlock. Absolutely perfect!

Customer: Lisa
Employee: Don A
Don went above and beyond to help out. He was so friendly and helpful; he is a rare find!

Customer: Rod
Employee: Anthony and Erik
The crew was the finest he has ever seen. They were gentlemen and very good at what they do. The clean up was fantastic, not a branch was broken and no dust on anything!

Customer: Henrietta
Employee: Mike and Tony
Wow, wow – I was totally impressed by Mike and Tony’s expertise in getting the bark job done in my yard today. I figured I would be doing serveral hours of “clean up” after they left this afternoon. This is the one time I was so happy to be WRONG. Had to go play golf instead. Darn!

Job well done.

Employee: Rick and Keith
The crew was very hard working. Very pleased with the quality, conduct and service of the crew.

Customer: Wally
Employee: Cody, Fransisco, Eric and Matt
Great guys, great job. Can’t say enough about how happy I am about the job

Customer: Gary
Employee: Cody and Fransisco
Looks good! The job was phenominal!

Customer: Margaret
Employee: Cam and Joe
The customer was impressed by the conduct of the crew: “They were perfect gentlemenn at all times.” Very nice, did a great job and good cleanup. She “will know where to go next time” she needs to order. The customer is “very happy”.

Customer: Doris
Employee: Mike and Ben
Mike and Ben were very professional. They introduced themselves with a handshake and a smile. Excellent cleanup, great job!

Employee: Erik and Matt
Erik and Matt did a perfect job. They were prompt, professional and left everything looking Exquisite.

Employee: Don A.
Very pleased with driver’s ability to place the palleets of well blocks in a hard-to-reach area.

Customer: John
Employee: Dave
The driver did one hell of a job; he was able to back into a very hard-to-reach spot to dump

Employee: Ben and Joe
Very happy with the blower service and crew was very nice.

Customer: Jim
Employee: Erik and Anthony
I just want you to know that Erik and Anthony did an outstanding job. They were easy to deal with, they communicated well – Great cleanup too!

Employee: Eugene Yard
You are the luckiest people in the world. I don’t know where you get your help, but I have not met one person who has had a bad attitude! All the guys are really great!

Customer: Eric O.
Employee: Mike G
Eric called in to let us know how much Mike is appreciated by himself and the general contractor at Park Village in Florence – Always a great job done!

Customer: Betty
Employee: Cody and Tony
The crew did a wonderful job. Excellent cleanup. It’s the best job I’ve ever seen.

Customer: Jim
Employee: Joel and Rob
Great Job. Great guys! Much appreciated!

Customer: Virginia
Employee: Mike, Joe and Anthony
Virginia called to say how pleased she was with the wonderful job LFP did. She was pleased, and always has been with all of Lane Forest’s staff and the quality of products. “Always will use LFP!”

The crew was fantastic; they did a great job of going all around and under the plants. And they did an excellent cleanup job as well.

Customer: Bill
Employee: Cody
I was so pleased you could get the job done before graduation. The crew was great; they did an excellent job!

Customer: Carl
Employee: Craig J
Craig was very nice to Dora’s 5-year-old boy; he let him honk the horn on the truck and really made his day. He’s still talking about it of course!

Customer: Brian B.
Employee: Ron
The customer was impressed with Ron’s attitude; he was really polite and put the barkdust right where the customer asked for it. He was a good driver, and a nice guy.

Employee: Joel and Rob
I was shocked when I got home. It looked great – the new plants were not buried. I can tell they took great care in blowing material in. Excellent cleanup – Great Job!

Employee: Rick H & Matt E
Rick and Matt were professional, courteous and did a heck of a job. The job had a high degree of difficulty but Rick and Matt stuck the landing!!

Employee: Joel & Rob
The crew did a great job – I’m a perfectionist and I couldn’t have done the job better myself! Would highlty recommend us to anyone.

Employee: Mark
Mark did an excellent job, Thank you; I will do business with LFP again!

Employee: Craig
Craig was fantastic! He really knew what he was doing. This was a wonderful experience.

Customer: Julie
Employee: Erik & Matt
Julie is pleased as could be with the one unit of Hemlock she had blown-on. Erik and Matt were exceptional. They gave her all kinds of advice and answered her questions. They did an awesome job! Turned out beautiful.

Customer: Becky
Employee: Don A.
Don did a super job and was very, very nice!!

Employee: Craig
The driver did an exceptional job of dumping. I have never seen such skill – He got 1 inch from the house and 1 inch again from the shrubs. Craig did a great job!

Employee: Erik and Eric
Crew did excellent and put everything exactly where he wanted it.

Employee: Ben and Matt
Crew did an excellent job! Greass is already starting to grow in the soil LFP suggested. Your customer service is the best!

Employee: Rick and Matt
They did an awesome job!!!

Employee: Cody and Matt
Crew was very nice, professional and did an excellent job!

Employee: Ben and Matt
Crew did a fantastic job!! It really looks great!

Customer: Joy
Employee: Joel and Anthony
The drivers did an excellent job blowing the unit of nitrogen rich soil. Will always call LFP!

Customer: Bill
Employee: Cody and Anthony
They did a great job! Couldn’t be more pleased with the work.

Employee: Joel and Eric Z.
Blower crew did a superlative job – very professional. Thanks a lot!

Employee: Don A.Don A.
Impressed with Don. He was very polite, couteous and had a positive attitude.

Customer: Barbara
Employee: Cody and Keith

Customer: Babara
Employee: Cody and Keith
Very happy with Blown-in service. Keith and Cody were very nice and did their job fast and well.

Employee: Cody and Keith
Cody and Keith did a wonderful job – excellent cleanup – very professional.

Customer: Bonnie
Employee: Cody
Very impressed with the crew. They were polite and cleaned up well.

Customer: John
Employee: Rick
Very impressed with the crew, especially Rick. He was very professional and respectful. Rexius can’t compete with LFP!

Customer: Thomas
Employee: Eugene Location
Very pleased and impressed by the high quality of service. Quick service and friendly, courteous attitude from all the employees.

Customer: Jimmy
Employee: Rick
Rick helped unload me – I really appreciate it, thumbs up!

Customer: Linda
Employee: Mike, Erik and Eric
The nicest boys came out and did a great job. Very happy with service.

Customer: Don
Employee: Mike and Joe
Mike and Joe did a super job. Always pleased with Lane Forest Products!

Customer: George
Employee: Joe and Patrick
The best crew we’ve ever had!

Customer: Shirley
Employee: Blower Crew
The service was great from start to finish. Very appreciative!

Customer: George
Employee: Ben and Eric
Very professional job. Never had such a good service and very impressed! The crew needs a raise – they deserve it. The job looks beautiful.

Customer: Tina
Employee: Patrick and Joe
The guys did a great job. Will highly recommend LFP to everyone.

Customer: Becky
Employee: Mike and Cameron
The crew did a great job!

Customer: Judy
Employee: Springfield Staff
Always courteous and helpful!

Customer: Joy N
Employee: Peter C
On Thursday, Oct. 4th I stopped out at your location to talk to someone and order what I thought would be a load of bark. After explaining to Peter C. what I wanted to do he had a better idea. He listened to what I had to say. (Can you tell I felt heard?) Took the information in and then suggested something else completely different than what I was thinking about. It was a far better idea and will serve my needs not just for today but in the future as I continue to change my yard. I want to say thanks! His suggestion saved me, oh, maybe a weekend of labor next spring and my yard will be richer for it. In addition, to this spring labor that will not happen, I will have a great base for my garden area.

Peter is a credit to your company. While I was at your business, I was the most important person there. I received his undivided attention. He listened to what I had to say, heard me and made excellent suggestions. You have one very happy customer who will willingly share with others about the wonderful service you provide.

Again thanks!!! And please tell Peter how happy I am.

Customer: Mary
Employee: Jeff W. / Patty
Mary called to say that she is very pleased with her LFP experience. From the order over the phone with Patty all the way through to the delivery with Jeff. She said that everyone was very courteous and easy to work with.


Employee: Joel and Erik
Customer called us just after the crew left to say great job! She used Rexius once but wasn’t happy. She has used Lane Forest Products several times since and is very happy.

Customer: Nancy
Employee: Mark Smith / Blower Crew
Nancy called back in response to Diane’s follow-up call to her. She wanted to tell us that Mark did an exceptional job of setting up the order on the phone and the two blower staff did an immaculate job of placing the material; they were absolutely delighted with the service all around.

Employee: Cody and Cameron
Cody went above and beyond!! Great work, great cleanup, great attitude. Just top notch.

Customer: Nick
Employee: Keith Johns
Loved the wood load. Keith did an excellent job making a tough delivery.

Customer: Bunny
Employee: Cody and Jake
The best thing that ever happened to her, the guys were wonderful! The did a great job. Very energetic and careful! Everything is beautiful. Wonderful job guys!

Employee: Bill Peterson
Customer called to say thank you for the outstanding work of her delivery. The driver was able to place it exactly where she wanted it and he didn’t need to drive over her lawn.

Customer: Lloyd
Employee: Patty
Thanks everyone here at Lane Forest Products. Courteous sales person, fast delivery and expert driver. Lane Forest Products is appreciated and Lloyd is very glad we are here. Lloyd is very inpressed with all around service and products.

Customer: Merrily
Employee: Joel and Eric
Merrily called after we left message from blower follow up call. She really liked the crew who did an excellent job. Quantity was perfectly estimated. They clambered up the hill to blow bark down from the top creating a safer pathway for her for which she was very grateful for. Nice work Joel and Eric!

Customer: Chuck
Employee: Ben and Cameron
Chuck wanted to say that even though the service was running late, Ben and Cameron did everything to accomadate the customer. Their performance was fantastic and the guys were just great!

Customer: Walk In
Employee: Lane Forest
Customer has been here many times. Every one in the yard and office is very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Very pleased with the service and products.

Customer: Native & Urban Gardens
Employee: John
John did a wonderful job. Very much appreciated. He is very skilled and we aat Lane Forest Productsare doing our job well! Thanks You

Customer: Julio
Employee: Mark and Rob
Customer called day of job to say the crew did a fabulous job.

Customer: Marilyn
Employee: Joe
Customer came home to find a perfectly placed large hemlock bark pile in her driveway yesterday. She was very appreciative of drivers expertise in placing it to still give her room to get her car into the driveway.

Employee: Mike
Guys were great, Give them a raise!

Employee: John
Delivered diamond beveled stone, placed perfectly. Great job!

Customer: Tom
Employee: Mark and Keith
Tom said the crew did a tremendous job with blowing in the material as well as with the clean up. He said that he will be back to see Lane Forest Products soon.

Customer: Judy
Employee: Mike and Cameron
Customer called while crew was still at the site cleaning up from Med Fir blow in. She said they are doing a terrific job and the cleanup is awesome! She was very excited.

Customer: Gene
Employee: Mike and Joel
Gene called to say that Mike and Joel did a great job. They were very courteous and professional. He is very happy with the service.

Customer: MKB Gardening
Employee: Mark H. and Rob F.
Martina from MKB called just as blower crew left to say they did a Great Job! We blew a custom compost mix.

Customer: Timi
Employee: Joel and Mark
Timi called to say Joel and Mike were awesome. Great customer service, great blower service and great clean up.

Customer: Glenn
Employee: Ben
When Glenn was called to follow up after hemlock bark was blown in he was thrilled.

Customer: Muriel
Employee: Tom Hunter
Muriel was extremely pleased with the service of our delivery driver.

Customer: Kay
Employee: Bill Peterson
Customer called just after driver left to say great job. He placed the hog fuel exactly where she wanted it!

Customer: Marilyn
Employee: Mike and Joel
Marilyn was very pleased with the crew. She said they were polite, helpful and very professional. Marilyn also said that she will be back again and again.

Customer: Joni
Employee: Mark and Rob
Joni is very happy with the new look at her house. She said that Mark and Rob were very helpful and courteous.

Customer: Bill
Employee: Mike and Rob
The crew did a great job. He said they made me a believer of the blower service.

Customer: Pier
Employee: Cody
Pier called to say that he has had a wonderful experience with Lane Forest Products. From his sale to the blower service. He is extremely pleased with how helpful and accomadating the crew was, stating that they took their time to ask questions and met as well as exceeding his expectations.

Customer: Ryan
Employee: Patrick and Keith
Ryan said he is very happy with our drivers abilities. He is also pleased that he was quoted the right amount of material.

Customer: Jan
Employee: Bill Peterson and Brook
Jan came into office with some gravel questions and to say both the driver Bill and sales person Brook were very helpful with phone advice, setup and delivery.

Customer: Albert
Employee: Rick and Keith
Alberta called from florence to complement the crew. Great job. Very conscientious of his property.

Customer: Whit
Employee: Patrick and Zach
Customer called back as result of follow up. Terrific job. Great service. He really appreciated the crews great work and thought they had incredible endurance!

Customer: Herman
Employee: Randy Reed
Herman is very pleased with the quality of the firewood that he received. He was also impressed with Randy’s conduct and ablility to place the wood where he requested.

Customer: Janice
Employee: Mark and Rob
Mark and Rob arrived right on time and did an excellent job. Thanks you very much. Two hard working young men.

Customer: David
Employee: Cody
David said that the guys did a great job. He said the clean up was very impressove and he looks forward to coming back in years to come.

Customer: Palmer
Employee: Jose
Palmer came in to compliment us on the great customer service in yard debris. He said Jose was very helpful and cheerful.

Customer: City of Eugene
Employee: Joe-Zach-Mike-Rick-Joel-Rob-Tom
Great job. Very impressed with crew and clean up. Looks great. Greater Broadway Project.

Employee: Cody and Brian
She said Cody went above and beyond. The last blower service she got was not as good but this time Cody and Brian rock! Excellent Job!!

Customer: Jacquoline
Employee: Mark
Jacquoline said she is very happy with her Hemlock. She said it looks beautiful and that the crew was wonderful.

Employee: Mike
Crew appeared 5 minutes early. Cleaned up well and the quantities were correct. Good Job!

Customer: Terry
Employee: Mike and Zach
Great job. Excellent clean up. Very professional crew!

Customer: Sheila
Employee: Bill Peterson
Sheila is very impressed with the driver. He was able to place products right where whe wanted with out damage to lights and plants. He was gentle and professional with here. She is very impressed with us. Good price and delighted with Lane Forest Products.

Customer: Mike
Employee: Mike and Zach
Mike called from job site. He said Mike and Zach are the best. They are the most courteous and consistantly good on the job. Great Job!

Customer: Shawn
Employee: Mark Higson
Shawn called to say how impressed he was with our driver Mark Higson. He said Mark left a great impression and could tell Mark really loves his job.

Customer: Martha
Employee: Cody
Martha wanted to say thanks for a job well done. We didn’t damage her roses. We took care to protect her small plants and cleaned up. The order taken was courteous. Thanks to everyone.

Customer: Leslie
Employee: Rick
Customer said it looks great and the guys were very professional.

Customer: Gregs Contruction & LS
Employee: Lane Forest Products
Greg called to say the guys did a great job and that they were very respectful.

Customer: JB
Employee: Mark Higson
Excellent Blower Service!

Customer: Chris
Employee: Patrick
She was very pleased with the guys and said she looks forward to seeing us in the future.

Customer: Dan
Employee: Sales, Dispatch, and Driver
Customer called to thank us for prompt service. It is greatly appreciated.

Customer: Alta
Employee: Lane Forest Products
Customer called to say Lane Forest Products was wonderful during the Pellet crisis. We handled out part beautifully. Lane Forest Products was great and most generous in sharing information with other sources for pellets. She appreciated our spirit of fairness.

Customer: Georgia
Employee: Pat and Chris
Customer called back to let us know the crew did a great job and material looks great.

Customer: Country Gardener
Employee: Rick
“All your guys do great but this job was above and beyond” – Marty

Customer: Gary
Employee: Mark and Keith
Gary called to compliment the crew on the job they did yesterday blowing in his Blended Mint. He was very pleased.

Customer: Bill
Employee: Ryan
Bill called to express his appreciation for how helpful Ryan was as he was unloading his yard debris. Customer has a bad back. Ryan jumped right in to assist him.

Customer: Jane
Employee: Mark and Joel
The crew was great. They cleaned up right away and even used a scrub brush on the vynil fence. The yard looks great! Jane called before they left the house. She was very happy with the service. Keep it up!

Customer: Jing Jing
Employee: Rick and Keith
Jing Jing called just after crew left her house to say the job was beyond her expectations! She is very happy with Lane Forest Products service. Everyone has been so helpful all the way through.

Customer: John
Employee: Rick and Joel
Oh my the service was fantastic! John was very pleased and said Rick and Joel were so great. Their attitude was very positive. He wants this crew the next time too!!

Customer: Bonnie
Employee: Website
Wow! Your website really answered my question and went above and beyond the call of duty! Wood Pellets! A list of other vendors and a list of when you are expecting them to be at your Springfield site. It is like Macy’s sending people to Gimbles in the movie “Miracle on 42nd Street.” Okay so yours is a “Miracle on 42nd Street” too, right? Thank you very much, from a wood pellet user that was just about to make my own spread sheet of all the numbers and vendors. You beat me to it. WOW!

A greatful customer

Employee: Mark and Zach
The blower service went really well. The guys were really nice. I like the company attitude. I also like that you take the time to follow up. I will call back in March for more!

Employee: Mark and Zach
The blower service went really slick. The guys were really nice. I like the company attitude. I also like that you take the time to follow up. I will call back in March for more.

Employee: Ben and Zach
The crew worked really hard. They worked their butts off. Weather was nasty that day and they were real troopers. Hose clogged up a couple of times but they cleared it out and kept right on going. Very happy with the blower crew!

Customer: NW Greenways
Employee: Lane Forest Products
While notifying Mike about his Holiday gift bag, he said “my business is a success because of Lane Foreset Products. You are the best suppliers in town. I truly appreciate Lane Forest Products and your service.”

Customer: NW Greenways
I called Mike about holiday gift bag. While on the phone he said “my business is a success because of Lane Forest Products. You are the suppliers in town. I truly appreciate Lane Forest Products and your service.”

Employee: Rick and Ben
Thanks for the great service. Another great job. Place looks great. Thanks for sending Rick.

Customer: Joan
This is the second year I have ordered from Lane Forest Products. Both times delivery folks have been very nice and helpful. Today they knew just where to put the hog fuel. They did a great job covering the barnyard area.

Customer: Alex
Employee: Mike and Joel
We had a truck break down in Florence and had to postpone their job for 24hours. They were thankful that we kept them informed and followed through. They said the crew was fantastic! Wonderful attention to detail and real professional conduct. Great job!

Customer: Carol
Employee: Jeff
Driver was very courteous and patient. He was extremely knowledgable and friendly. Jeff made the customer feel she was important and she was impressed at the level of professionalism not only with the driver but with the company as a whole. She has turned her back on our competition.

Customer: Patty
Employee: Craig
Your driver Craig did a great job. He was very helpful and courteous. He also helped calculate the amount of gravel I need.

Customer: Jim
Employee: Mark and Keith
Jim was very happy with the quality of work.

Customer: Steve
Employee: Mike and Lamont
Steve called the next morning to say he really appreciated the great job. He said the crew really worked hard. He had a lot of winding pathways to cover.

Customer: Sweet Pea
Employee: Ben and Jai
Patty called to say the crew did an awesome job. It really turned out great. Eight units on a difficult site.

Customer: Joe and Barbara
Employee: Lane Forest Products
Dear Manager, It seems that we re in your business every week-end buying rock, dirt, or getting help with building a slate patio. Your employees are so friendly and helpful that I wanted to write you a note to let you know just how much we appreciate their great customer service.

If we had a business that depended on customer service we would hire them all away from you! Se we don’t, we will continue to buy our outdoor material from Lane Forest Products and enjoy the best customer service around. Thank You

Customer: Paul
Employee: Craig
Paul called to say that Craig did a great job delivering his bark mulch. He went above and beyond what was expected. He also helped clean up a small amount of material that spilled. Paul thought Craig was great.

Customer: Nancy
Employee: Patrick and Keith
Patrick and Keith did a really good job. They were so careful and did a beautiful job. They were a good team.

Customer: Carol
Employee: James Clark
Carol was trying to empty dirt from her thuck with two small kids. James Clark took the time to help her. She was running late. Her kids were inpressed with how much he helped.

Customer: Laurel
Employee: Erik
Laurel stated, while I was taking her soil/hemlock order that Erik was great to work with and a lot of fun on the phone. He was very helpful and turned a task of buying flagstone from something she was nervous and apprehensive about into a great experience.

Customer: Joe
Employee: Patrick and Joe
Guys did a great job. They were very savvy and understood everthing, even though is was a very difficult job. Customer was very pleased with the service.

Customer: Sarah
Employee: Patrick and Joe
Sarah called to inquire about how much to tip the blower crew because they were doing such a fantastic job!

Customer: Damon
Employee: Leo
The load was placed exactly where he left instructions with Nike. Leo did a great job placing it. The customer also appreciated the fact that Mike called him with concerns about how the rounds were very large. The customer looked at it and thought they were going to work out. Nice clean load.

Customer: George
Employee: Ben and Zac
George called to compliment the crew (Ben and Zac) on a great job. Also he really appreciated us fitting in the job on such short notice.

Customer: Mark
I took delivery of two units of frugal mix that was blown into a planter and my back yard. I want to compliment the work of the two young men who blew in the dirt. They were courteous, hard working and they clearly knew what they were doing. I truly appreciated their efforts to clean up after the applying the soil. I wish I could remember their names, but they represented your company well. Thank you for your service.

Customer: Dale
Employee: Patrick and Joe
The guys did a great job blowing and cleaning up. Patrick had some good ideas and they both went out of their way to do a great job. Customer really appreciated the service.

Customer: Brad
Employee: Patrick and Joe
Brad said the guys we sent were great. They listened to directions and were very efficient. Perfect cleanup.He said we were awesome!

Customer: Wendy
Employee: Joe
Wendy called to say driver did a great job. He was able to get the truck and transfer in a tough spot. He did not even get grumpy!

Customer: Donna
Employee: Leo
She ordered a drop box and within 45 minutes got it delevered. She said that was the best service she has ever gotten. Leo was great and was very skilled at placing the box. She will always come to Lane Forest Products for the services.

Customer: Donna E.
Employee: Leo
Customer ordered a drop box and it was delivered within 45 minutes! She says that this is the best service she has ever received. Leo was great and was very skilled at placing the box. This customer will now always come to us for products and services!

Customer: Leslie R.
Employee: Jeff/All Staff
I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to come to Lane Forest Products and be helped by your always courteous employees and even more so when the product can be brought to you in a speedy and attentive way.

I especially wanted to tell you about my experience yesterday when Jeff delivered a load of dirt, and later when I decided to get bark-o-mulch. Jeff was particularly accommodating to my request to try to dump the dirt and mulch in my back yard. In many instances I hesitate to make a special request, but in this case Jeff had no problem with my request or in making the effort to get his truck backed in to the area off my driveway and behind my gate.

Life is so much easier when we can count on great customer service from exemplary employees.

Well done Lane Forest Products!

Customer: Leslie
Employee: Jeff
I just wanted to write and tell you what a pleasure it is to come to Lane Forest Products and be helped by your always courteous employees and even more so when the product can be brought to you in a speedy and attentive way. I especially wanted to tell you about my experience yesterday when Jeff delivered a load of dirt to my house and later when I decided to get bark-o-mulch. Jeff was particularly accommodating to my request to try to dump the dirt and mulch in my backyard. Many times I hesitate to make a special request, but in this case Jeff had no problem with my request or in making the effort to get his truck backed in to the area off my driveway and behind my gate.Life is so much nicer when we can count on the great customer service from exemplary employees. Well done Lane Forest Products!

Customer: Customer
Employee: staff
Customer came in during Labor Day Sale to tell us how great we were and how much he appreciated our service, both on phone and in our yards!

Customer: Anonymous
Customer came in during the Labor Day Sale to tell us how great we were and how much he appreciated our great service both on the phone and in the yard.

Employee: Mark and Joel
Just wanted to let us know how professional and service oriented we are. From start to finish. Salesperson, blower Crew, follow up great job!

Customer: Hunter Irigation
Employee: Mark/Rodney
Randal called us after our folow-up call to say to the crew did an excellent job. They blew in Lawn Base with seed and the customer was very pleased!

Customer: Randall
Employee: Mark and Rodney
Randall called and said the crew did an excelent job – very pleased!

Customer: Delana S.
Employee: Lamont/Joel
The guys did a really great job!!! Looks great, very nice guys, and the customer is very pleased! The guys hadn’t even finished and she couldn’t wait to call in the compliment! Great PR guys!

Customer: Anon.
Employee: Blower crew
Customer said the crew was fantastic! Clean-up was superb and effort outstanding!

Customer: Ken H.
Employee: Patrick/Joe
Ken said: “The crew was fantastic! The job was perfect! The guys you sent were real gentlemen, they desrve a pay raise!”

Customer: Barbara
Employee: Patrick/Joe
Barbara said, “I was just calling to say that the crew were real gentlemen, very professional and the clean-up was very well done. I am very happy with the service!”

Customer: Brenda
Employee: Rick/Zac
Customer said, “They did an excellent job!!!! Just terrific!, They were wonderful and did clean-up too! Thank you so much!”

Customer: Ben
Employee: Mark/Joel
Follow-up call to customer-says you guys did a really great job and that it was well worth the wait to get it done right! (scheduled job on 6/28 for an 8/1 blow-in)

Customer: Jim
Employee: Bill Peterson
Customer called right after delivery to say tha our driver (Bill), did a great job! He was able to dump the hemlock in a spot where the customer wanted it, but didn’t think possible. Customer had called earlier to postpone because he didn’t think the truck could get into area, but we were already enroute. Success!

Customer: Susan
Employee: Eric/Cody
Customer was “Very impressed” by the the crew and their blower service. Clean-up was EXCEPTIONAL!. Very pleased with overall service. She said they this service provided by another company several years ago, and ours is ” So much better!” Way to go guys!

Customer: Tony
Employee: Sales/Yard Debris
Customer called to say what a great help the guys in yard debris have been. He has a bad backand we have been right there to help. Also customer has enjoyed working with Peter on drop box orders over the years.

Customer: Kris
Employee: Mark/Richard
Customer called in before the crew had even left her to house to express her complete satisfaction of the blower service! Mark did a great job applying the material and operating the truck!

Customer: Darren
Employee: Patrick/Joel/Joe
Customer called to compliment the crew on doing a great job!

Customer: Brian
Employee: Lamont/Zac
Customer called in to say “The crew did a great job!”

Customer: Dorothy
Employee: Joe
Driver was very courteous and a nice gentleman. Helped her move her car and placed bark precisely where she wanted it. Did a very good job.

Customer: Betsy
Employee: Rick/Joe
Really terrific job! Customer is really impressed with blower service and great clean-up job. Very nice guys!

Customer: Sue
Employee: Rick/ Joe
Great job! Good crew!

Customer: Customer
Employee: Mark Snortland
Hey, that guy with the hat gives top notch customer service! Great asset to the company!

Customer: Terry/ProGrass
Employee: Mike,/Rodney
Did extra effort on job, did a GREAT job. Moved a swingset for me (they didn’t have to do MY job, but did!) Very pleased!

Customer: Terry
Employee: Springfield Staff
Dear Sirs,

For one year now I have been clearing weeds etc from five ac my wife and I purchased. Sometimes on my days off I have made as many as two or three trips dropping off debris and bringing back lawn base. I have always been impressed by the people at the Springfield location. It is alway yes Sir and when I have used my debit card they take the time to look at the name and then it is Thank-you Mr. Shenk. One time of recent memory all the lanes at the dumping area where full and I was awaiting a pull point to drop. One of the crew motioned me over to his loader and allowed me to use his scoop to pull the load off my El Camino. However even though I have grown accustomed to that kind of service there today was an exception that was way out there and needs to be brought to your attention. I arrived with my load as usual and paid to unload. My El Camino decided to stall and I could not get it started. I waited, I tried to start it and I was just having no luck. At the time the area was not very busy, the two vechles that came in were waved around me by your staff. I felt very much in their way and embaressed when one of the guys offered to pull me off to the side until I could get the car started. I hooked up my strap and was pulled over to the dirt parking area where I was out of the way. I waited for the car to get unflooded and another one of the staff came over and offered an ice cream cup for my small Grandson who was actually being pretty good for having to stay in the car. I could go on and on but the story is I did get the car started off loaded etc. My point here is everyone of the staff made me feel as if they would have overhauled the engine if it would of helped me and my Grandson to finish our day. I have never experinced a nicer and more caring group of people ever period. And in the spirit of no good deed should go unpunished please let your staff there know how very thankful the guy with the Blue El Camino is for their kindness and help. And also to you for creating a group of people who are so decicated to watching out for their customers. A very greatful customer

Customer: customer
Employee: yard debris staff
Customer called to thank us for for helping her unload yard debris. She didn’t have her husband to help her and was very grateful for the assistance.

Customer: Joan
Employee: product
Joan called to say that she used our Nature’s Best planting soil and now has the best garden of her life! Everything has thrived, is lush and green. She is very excited and wanted to let us know what a gret product it is!

Customer: Linn
Employee: Mark Snortland
“Great guy!” Very helpful, “Don’t ever get rid of him!”

Customer: Lillian
Employee: Mike,/Lamont
The crew was very neat with the job, took very good care of the customers needs and were very polite. “We should be very proud of them!”

Customer: Kathy
Employee: Rick/Rodney
Rick did an excellent job, very professional and neat! Very happy w/LFP crew. Nice guys!

Customer: Mike
Employee: Rick/Joe
Mike called to say crew did a great job, maybe the best he has ever seen!!! Great work!

Customer: Vicki
Employee: Mike/Rodney
Very nice job! Checked with customer and exceeded expectations.

Customer: Robert/Terra Nova Lawn and Garden
Employee: Rick/Keith
Robert called to say that his client was very pleased with Rick and Keith’s work. They did a great job and were very professional.

Customer: Fred
Employee: Cody/Lamont/Joel
Customer says you guys did an A+ job, and that he was “beyond happy.” He called to say he really appreciated the incredible care taken by the crew on the job.

Customer: Candy
Employee: John/Joel/Zach
Called to follow-up, customer said the crew did a phenomenal job. It was pouring down rain and they still managed to clean off fences and other areas. She was very impressed.

Customer: Bill
Employee: Lamont/Joel
These men did an awesome job, very professional, and cleaned up far better than he expected.

Customer: Pam Radway
Employee: John S./Shawn
Pam called to say how awsome the delivery guys were yesterday (24 yds river sand). They were fantastic, very polite, very professional and didn’t complain about the tight dumping area between posts in her arena, and were in and out amazingly fast!

Customer: Unknown
Employee: Cody Lamont / Joel
Customer called to say crew was great. Fantastic Job on the clean up and blower service!

Customer: Mildred Hafer
Employee: Marvin
Marvin did a very professional job and very careful around her trees. She LOVES his friendly attitude.

Customer: Lyle L.
Employee: Ross and Zach
Follow up call to Lyle. Lyle stated “You guys did an awesome job and were very courteous.

Customer: Julie
Employee: Marvin
Julie called to say that Marvin did a great job of putting gravel in the area where they needed it. He was very friendly.

Customer: Sherri and Ed H.
Employee: Rick and Joe
“Rick and Joe were great!” They work well together and did a wonderful job applying the bark. Excellent clean up job! Well pleased!! Nice guys!

Customer: Gene M.
Employee: Mike and Keith
Mrs. M. said the men were very careful and did a great job. She is very impressed with them washing off her plants and leaving the area looking wonderful.

Customer: Laurie Heaton
Employee: Rick/Lamont
The men did a wonderful job, they cleaned things up better than it was when they started!

Customer: Del D.
Employee: Joel and Lamont
Customer called just after crew left. He really appreciated the amazing clean up job and he says the crew was very courteous.

Customer: Ron Smith
Employee: John
Customer had material dumped in a very difficult spot. Driver never complained and did an excellent job.

Customer: Ed S.
Employee: Mike and Ben
A note from Ed stated yesterday Mike and Ben delivered and spread Hemlock Bark around our trees and shrubs. We want Lane Forest Products to know that they did an excellent job. Hard working courteous. Certainly they are excellent ambassadors and an asset for Lane Forest Products. Please continue to take good care of your employees and your company will continue to thrive.

Customer: Ned Storm
Employee: Lamont/Joel
Ned called to say that the crew did an excellent and professional job, everything was cleaned up perfectly.

Customer: Sharon Malmstrom
Employee: Bill Peterson
Called to say that Billdid an excellent job of getting the materialinto what she thought was a very tight spot. It made her day!

Customer: Mike J.
Employee: Rick and Keith
Blower crew did a great job!

Customer: Karen Donner
Employee: Marvin
Karen called to say that Marvin was very courteous and did an excellent job of dumping. He put the material exactly where she needed it.

Customer: Joni
Employee: Randy Reed
Customer said Randy was the nicest and best “driver” she has ever had!

Customer: Bill G.
Employee: Patrick and Joel
Bill called to say he was extremely satisfied with the job and that Joel & Patrick did an excellent job.

Customer: Scott R.
Employee: Ross and Rodney
Customer called us the same day to say what a great job the crew did, very happy. Ross did the same job in the past for Scott and it was great then too.

Customer: Debbie G.
Employee: Cody and Lamont
Exceptional service. Debbies knows customer service and called to let us know before the crew left the site how great the crew performed.

Customer: Ron R.
Employee: Rick, Joel and Lamont
The crew did a fantastic job!

Customer: Barb
Employee: Joe Turney
Joe was very nice and did a great job with the delivery. Barb said our service is far better than our competition in Cottage Grove.

Customer: Henderlongs
Employee: Mark, Joe and Ben
Customer called and said that the blower crew was very professional and did a great job.

Customer: Elaine & Jay
Employee: Cody and Rob
Customer called just after the crew left to say they were very happy with the job and wanted to especially compliment Cody on a great job.

Customer: Kim C.
Employee: Marvin, Joel and Joe
This was the 2nd job by the same crew. Kim called to say how much she appreciated the great crew and excellent work on both lawnbase & seed blow in and todays natures best.

Customer: Kirt S.
Employee: Cody and Keith
Durring a follow up call Kirt mentioned he was very impressed with the job, especially the clean up. Much better than “the other guys”. Another very pleased customer.

Customer: Sharon U.
Employee: Mark and Ben
Customer has happily used Lane Forest Products for years and has always been happy with our products and services. She called to say this is the best job she has ever had done. Very, very happy.

Customer: Bill S.
Employee: Kevin
Bill called and said he was at the Springfield location. He needed help unloading and Kevin was right there to help him out. Bill was not expecting that level of service so Kevins help was really appreciated. Kevin went above and beyond the call of duty.

Customer: Stan P.
Employee: Mark and Ben
Stan called to say he was very pleased with the blower service. He lives in Coos Bay and greatly appreciates Lane Forest Products service and courteous crew. They did a wonderful job!

Customer: Robert S.
Employee: Mike and Joel
Robert called right after crew finished job blowing hemlock. He said Mike and Joel did an absolutely awesome job. Robert is very pleased. He wants to use Mike on every job!

Customer: Charlotte B.
Employee: Rick and Ben
Charlotte called to say that Rick and Ben did a great job on her blower service. They were very courteous and professional. She is very pleased with Lane Forest Products.

Customer: Gary
Employee: Rick and Joel
While doing a routine followup call, I found out Gary had already called us to say “what a great bunch of guys they were” and really appreciated their excellent work.

Customer: William C.
Employee: Ross and Crew
William called in to say how he appreciated such a good person to work with. Excellent Service.

Customer: Unknown
Employee: Shawn Willaman
Shawn Willaman is one of the reasons why Lane Forest Products is our #1 choice for garden service. He brought a load of bark mulch to our Day of Caring program at River Kourt apartments and he was personable and caring. Thanks, Shawn!

Customer: Theola M.
Employee: Bill Petersen
Theola M. called in to let us know what a terrific job our driver Bill Petersen did today during a delivery. Bill carefully maneuvered the entire delivery into a difficult location. Theola thinks Bill is a wonderful driver, very friendly and accommodating. “”It’s why I call Lane Forest Products instead of your competitors!” she says.

Customer: Barbara C.
Employee: Staff
Barbara C. called in to say she hasn’t been so happy with this kind of service and professionalism for many years – it may be the greatest customer service experience she has ever had! The job was beautifully done with excellent clean-up.

Customer: Greg C.
Employee: Cody & Joel
The crew went out of their way to do a great job on blower service and clean up. I’m very impressed! They did a great job.

Customer: Asia
Employee: Mike Owcarz
All the staff in the debris yard are great! Mike Owcarz is a doll!

Customer: Anonymous
Employee: Everyone at LFP
I just wanted to compliment you on how clean the yard is – the plants look well taken care of, the sidewalks are clean with no fallen flower blossoms, and the building was very clean. I appreciate the fact everyone at LFP takes pride in the appearance of the store.

Customer: Mary B.
Employee: Peter, Marvin, & Shawn
We had several loads of quarry rock and sand delivered to the house. Peter was very helpful taking the orders and the drivers were friendly, courteous, and they arrived right on schedule. We are very happy!

Customer: Kim K.
Employee: Everyone at LFP
I was very pleased with the service from the drivers and the salespeople. The service from FLP is always outstanding and I highly recommend you to everyone. I will be using you now instead of your competition.

Customer: Anonymous
Employee: Mark Snortland
I am always appreciative of the friendly service delivered by Mark every time I come in. I want to make sure he gets this positive feedback.

Customer: Betty Dickson
Employee: Kym
Kym was very polite and offered good information on the telephone. Thanks for the help! Very helpful!

Customer: Geri H.
I just wanted to say thanks to the gentlemen who did such a great and conscientious job. I want them to know that we appreciate them and their good work.

Customer: Kurt
Employee: Ross & John
Ross is the man!!! I am very impressed with the work LFP does.

Customer: Shep S.
Employee: Jeff Wilkinson
Excellent job dumping the hog fuel in today and the driver was very nice. Great service!

Customer: Betty C.
Employee: Mark & Joel
Our blower crew did a great job!!!

Customer: Stu B.
Employee: Rick & his helper; Mike B.
Rick and whomever was helping him today did a great job with the blower service. Mike was very polite and professional. Well done by all.

Customer: John M.
Employee: Rick & Zac
I am very pleased with the overall workmanship. And thatnks for the great clean-up!

Customer: Mary Thomas
Employee: Springfield Work Crew
“The Spfd crew is absolutely wonderful! They are kind, courteous, humorous and thoughtful. I’d drive from Eugene to Spftd just to deal with the Spfd crew. They always make me feel great!”

Customer: Janet B.
Employee: Mike & Joel
I am very impressed with the professionalism of Mike and Joel. They were very conscientious of my landscape plants and they cleaned up the area well, too. I’m also very happy with the hemlock, it’s looks great.

Customer: Kevin Brown
Employee: Mark Snortland
Kevin made a point to come inside when he came to LFP to dump some yard waste. His comment was, “Every time I am at LFP, Mark gives phenomenal service. Thank you for having him on your staff. I hope that he is appreciated.”

Customer: John D.
Employee: Marvin
Marvin was fantastic. He did a great job and excellent clean-up.

Customer: Todd & Bobbie S.
Employee: Brook Everett
Last summer I called about buying rock from your company to build a fire pit at our cabin. What I always remember is the incredible service I got from Brook. She drew up a diagram on how to build it and told me what kind of rock to use. Thanks so much for all you did. We have enjoyed the fire pit many times now, thanks to your knowledge and effort. Lane Forest Products is very lucky you chose to work for them.

Customer: Ruth B.
Employee: Patrick & Tony
I just love your crew! They did a fabulous job at the house. When I needed a little for my neighbor, they blew it into a pile for me. And the clean-up was more than expected! There was only a small amount of bark on my deck but they blew off the whole deck for me. Wow! That was a project still on my list. I love your company!

Customer: Molly M.
Employee: Pat & Joel
I’m very impressed with the service and quality of work performed by the crew.

Customer: Dean K.
Employee: Patrick & Tony
Wonderful job! The workers were very helpful and did an excellent job following my instructions. They were very careful and did a good clean-up. They were very cheerful too.

Customer: Shawn K.
Employee: Pat & Joel
I am very impressed at how the driver and his helper handled the ‘truck getting stuck’ situation. Thanks for filling in the ruts made by the tires.

Customer: Carolyn W.
Employee: Rick & Rob
Thanks for the follow-up and the great job on the blower service. Thanks also for the extra great job on the clean up.

Customer: Starly P.
Employee: Bill Peterson
I wanted to say how much I appreciated the friendly driver and great service. The delivery went really great. Thanks for the Frugal Mix!

Customer: Digger
Employee: Mark Smith
Kudos to you, Mark. You did an excellent job fitting in two loads instead of just one. Thank you, thank you.

Customer: Connie N.
Employee: Rick & Jason
I am very happy with the service from LFP! The blower crew did a great job. LFP was also great in getting more Frugal Mix in as a base before the Lawn Base Mix was brought in. Thanks!

Customer: Tom C.
Employee: Patty Sessums
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Patty. When some problems came up with a fountain I purchased this spring, Patty was the one who helped get them resolved. She did a great job not only getting them resolved, but in keeping me aware of what was happening every step of the way. I could not be more pleased with her performance. I spent a number of years in customer service – I know how hard the job can be and how hard it can be to find people with the right attitude and the abilities to get the job done. I think we’re both lucky to have Patty on our side!

Customer: Susan W.
Employee: Randy Reed
Randy delivered hog fuel today and did a perfect job as usual. Your drivers are always so helpful.

Customer: Chris O.
Employee: John McKean
The job was fabulous and the driver is a great and exceptional human being. I recommend a nice raise for John! I am very pleased with everything.

Customer: Dick & Candace K.
Employee: Mike
I wanted to rave about your service. The blow-in of sawdust for my horses went very, very well. Mike was pleasant and professional to work with and was very careful. I work in retail so I know how rare a call to praise is, rather than to complain. I wanted to make a special effort to call right after the driver left to say how impressed I am with your service.

Customer: Hugh O.
Employee: Richard & Tony
They did a great job and were very nice.

Customer: Betty N.
Employee: Mike & Joel
The blower crew has just done the best job I have ever seen. They did excellent work in a difficult area, distributing and spreading the Bark-O-Mulch on a steep bank as well as around paths, shrubs, etc. They did a perfect job – and it was in the rain!

Customer: Clay S.
Employee: Bill Peterson
The driver was great – I didn’t know you could do that with a truck!

Customer: Robert & Jean K.
Employee: Richard & Cody
Cody and Richard did the most beautiful job and were so nice to work with. They did so much more than we expected. I am also pleased that the job cost was less because we used less material. Great job!

Customer: Caroline L.
Employee: Patrick & Marvin
Wow! It was so great when you showed up early! The guys were great too, Patrick was very sunny and fun to watch. I am very impressed with everything.

Customer: June C.
Employee: Ross & Tony
The crew did an excellent job. I am very pleased and will be calling again soon to order more material.

Customer: Julia S.
Employee: Bill Peterson
Bill did an expert job getting the load into a difficult spot. He was wonderful! Very friendly and helpful.

Customer: Tim A.
Employee: Rich Haynes & all the drivers
I just wanted to express my appreciation for the great crew of drivers who have delivered materials to my business, especially Rich. All the drivers have been unbelievable; friendly and always helpful.

Customer: Paul D.
Employee: Rick & Jason
The crew did a great job with the blower servcie and the clean-up.

Customer: Jeanie Jones
Employee: Richard & Joel
The guys worked so hard and did a fantastic job. We are very pleased.

Customer: Leann S.
Employee: John
Our driver, John, was very polite, spending time talking with our son and showing him the forklift.

Customer: Stacy L.
Employee: Rick & Cody
The crew did a great job today! I am having a party tonight and the place looks great. They did a great job on the clean-up too!

Customer: Tom H.
Employee: Bill Peterson
Bill did a great job with the split order he delivered today.

Customer: Mary H.
Employee: Marvin & Rick
Both guys were very nice and did a fantastic job of cleaning up what they were doing. I am so happy with the service.

Customer: Barbara M.
Employee: Keith
I have been in customer service for over fifty years. I have seen it deteriorate over the years. People are quick to complain; however, they are very slow to praise. I want to say I appreciate Keith’s sunny smile, quick wit, and courteous manners. His pleasant attitude is very rare now-a-days. You will go a long way with that attitude. Thanks for making my day and for being you.

Customer: Rick Motley from EWEB
Employee: Sales Staff
Rick Motley called to express this thanks for the friendly, professional manner in which we talk on the phone. He said that we’re second to none.

Customer: Jeff of Stangland Construction
Employee: Blower Service
Jeff at Stangland Construction was called on blower service follow-up. Jeff raved about LFP and how he has been with us for so many years. He loves to tell his customers all about us.

Customer: Unnamed
Employee: Mike and Rick
I am so very happy with the Blower Crew. They did a fabulous job. The clean-up was perfect! There were asked to leave small piles by the sprinkler heads and they executed this exactly as asked.

Customer: Unnamed
Employee: Ross and Nathan
Crew did a great job. The place is beautiful. I want to make sure the crew is recognized for doing such great work.

Customer: Unnamed
Employee: Ross and Nathan
Very impressed with the crew and quality of the work.

Customer: Ken Ellis
Employee: Rich
“Appreciated Rich and his helpful service.”

Customer: Unnamed
Employee: Chuck and Nathan
Nathan did such a good job cleaning up. We need more hard workers like him around. Really appreciated you rolling up the hoses, too.

Customer: Unnamed
Employee: Yard Staff
Customer says he brings in his yard debris often and that our yard staff is really great, always friendly and very helpful.

Customer: Barbie Eggleston
Employee: Unnamed
I stopped by in the afternnon with a truck load of rhodie trimmings for recycling. I would like to express my thanks to your employees! One young man even helped me unload the pickup. As I was getting a small amount of 3/4″ inch rock, I circled around to pick it up, and quick as a wink, I was on my way again. The employees I dealt with were friendly as well as very efficient. Thank you.

Customer: Jim Mackin
Employee: Mike and Nathan (Drivers)
Customer very impressed with crew, professinal attitude and quality of work. Clean-up was perfect.

Customer: Unknown
Employee: Bob (Driver)
I just wanted you to know that Bob did a great and friendly job dumping your product at three places at my house.

Customer: Unknown
Employee: Mike and Michael
Customer was very pleased with the crew and the application of the material.