Timber Valley Tree Service
About us

Timber Valley Tree Service has performed countless tree care jobs for home and business owners alike. Based in Junction City, Oregon, we are able to effectively serve a growing number of communities in and around Lane County. So whether you’re dealing with an over grown tree in Pleasant Hill or storm-damaged trees in Florence, Timber Valley Tree Service will be there to assist in a timely and professional manner.
CCB# 226823

City of Operation (Base): Junction City
Email: info@timbervalleytree.com
Contact Name: Ryan Hansey

Other Specialties:

Tree Removal
There are many factors that an Arborist will consider for the removal of large trees or branches. Removal services range from simply falling the tree for customer clean up to full service clean up, requiring chipping brush and debris removal. Cost will depend on factors such as the size and location of the tree and the equipment necessary to perform the removal in a safe and efficient manner.

Land & Lot Clearing
With experienced Arborists, specialized equipment, industrial sized chippers, an excavator, dump trailers and a 60 foot boom truck with chip box, Timber Valley Tree Service efficiently tackles any of your property needs. From clearing lots for safety reasons, to begin a new construction project, or simply to provide a clean, uniformed look to your property, choose Timber Valley Tree Service.

Tree Pruning/Trimming
When tree growth begins to endanger itself and/or surrounding structures, then it’s time for corrective pruning. Pruning involves the removal of deadwood, damaged limbs and stubs. Timber Valley Tree Service always prunes trees properly according to current Tree Care Industry Association and ANSI Standards ensuring regrowth and an eye appealing look.

Emergency Tree Removal
If your tree has fallen over, whether it was due to a storm or shallow roots, Timber Valley Tree Service provides emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ensuring the use of proper tools, equipment, experience and highly trained tree professionals to manage any emergency obstacle you may have

Storm Damage
Trees damaged in heavy storms can cause dangerous situations that should be mitigated by professional arborists. Fallen trees need to be removed as soon as possible, especially if one has fallen onto your home or structures. With well-trained Arborists and specialized equipment, Timber Valley Tree Service can restore your property back to a safe and pleasant environment.

Dead Wooding
Oftentimes branches or limbs die off within a tree and can either break off or become vulnerable. These limbs can then fall over time or during periods of high winds and storms. Dead wooding is an important part of tree maintenance that helps preserve the health and integrity of your trees.