Gem-Metro Landscape Services
About us

GEM-METRO operates within a business philosophy based on putting ethics before profits and purpose before ambition.

Our clients value dependable working relationships and personalized service. Through experience, one understands the need to trust your clients and have faith in your abilities. We honor a business philosophy based on integrity.

We use natural sustainable methods of lawn, garden, and landscaping care when possible. We feed the soil. We are for excellence in agriculture and the green industry: we stand against irresponsible use of chemicals and the genetic modification of plants on our landscapes or in our food.

We recycle and compost our yard debris at Lane Forest Products.

We keep all our equipment in good working order and dedicate weekly routes for our vehicles to save fuel and cut down on the congestion of our local roads.

GEM-METRO is transparent when presenting its capabilities; this is a small homegrown local business specializing in providing customized services working closely with our clients.

Douglas Berry

(541) 736-6839