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About us

2fORM recognizes that architecture captures the relationship formed when people interface with their environment. We strive 2fORM places for people to connect with their community and with the built and natural environments. We work without preconceived ideas about the solution, and instead treat every project as an opportunity to learn and explore. The primary factor which motivates 2fORM Architecture is the desire to create spaces which support each client’s unique needs. Our primary benchmark for success is the delighted response of our clients to the spaces we have created for them—not the acclaim of our design peers.

Over the years, we have found that the best client relationships are formed on a firm foundation of understanding about how the practice of architecture works, in general, as well as how we manage our practice. Realistic expectations about what should occur during each step in the process enhance collaboration, and produce better results. 2fORM promotes a design process that explores innovative solutions to realize the vision of our clients. We are committed to a design process that is responsive, insightful and collaborative. We continually ask our clients and ourselves to evaluate design expectations, creativity and the project’s performance.

Green building practices are integrated into all of our projects at 2fORM as a matter of course. Whether or not LEED certification is set as a goal, many of the energy conservation principles can be brought to bear on projects of any scope or magnitude. Designs which use minimal non-renewable energy cost fewer energy dollars and produce less pollution. Additionally, these techniques provide increased comfort, health and safety for families today and in the future.

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