Cedar Shavings

Cedar Shavings are a popular bedding material due to their pleasant aroma and the fact that Fleas hate it! Your animals will love it however! Some horses may have allergies to cedar.


Animal bedding, Dog Kennels, Anywhere a natural flea repellant is needed. Use in potpourri blends and as a moth repellent in clothing closets. Use in all play areas.


For animal bedding, apply 3-5” deep and refresh as needed.


A curly wood planer shaving ranging in size from 1/4” minus up to 1 1/2” in size.
Low in pH.

Ways to Get it:

Bedding & Ground Covers
Landscape Coverage Chart
(27 cubic feet) will cover:
(7.5 cubic yards) will cover:
1296 sq ft¼” deep9600 sq ft¼” deep
648 sq ft½” deep4800 sq ft½” deep
324 sq ft1″ deep2400 sq ft1″ deep
162 sq ft2″ deep1200 sq ft2″ deep
108 sq ft3″ deep800 sq ft3″ deep
81 sq ft4″ deep600 sq ft4″ deep
54 sq ft6″ deep400 sq ft6″ deep