Camino Permeare

Camino Permeare combines a unique look that resembles old European streets and features water permeable joints. The potential to combine and create earth friendly surfaces give this stone an exciting array of possibilities.

Perhaps most importantly, this permeable paver will relieve overburdened drain water systems and serve as an alternative to expensive sewer systems.

Dimensions & Sizes:

Camino Permeare Dimensions

StoneDims (inches)Dims (mm)
Square6 ¼ x 6 ¼ x 2 3/8158 x 158 x 60
StonePcs/Sq FtLbs/PcsPcs/PalletSq Ft/Pallet
StoneDims (inches)Dims (mm)
Rectangle6 ¼ x 9 7/16 x 2 3/8158 x 238 x 60
StonePcs/Sq FtLbs/PcsPcs/PalletSq Ft/Pallet

Stone colors and shapes may vary. For the best idea of what we offer, visit our Courtyard Gardens in Eugene!

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