Iron Mountain Flagstone

Iron Mountain features a beautiful range of colors from deep black to rusty red, which gives this stone an earthy contrast. Durable and eye-catching whether used indoor or out, this stone has the strength and character for any project. Iron Mountain also goes well with our local basalt. (Note: Due to this stone’s high iron content, the color may bleed slightly).

Tumbled Iron Mountain is dark gray to almost black with iron stain throughout. The stone itself is tumbled just enough to smooth out the edges and lend a softness to the stone.


1″ to 2″ Thick
90-100 sq. ft. per ton


1″ to 2″ Thick
90-100 sq. ft. per ton

Mason Mix:

3/4″ Minus
150+ sq. ft. per ton


2″ to 3″ Thick
70-80 sq. ft. per ton

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Stone colors and shapes may vary.
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