Sustainable Solutions Landscape Garden & Irrigation

Sustainable Solutions Landscape Garden & Irrigation
Business Name: Sustainable Solutions Landscape Garden & Irrigation
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Imagine the serenity of walking through your very own Pacific Northwest micro-climate, with the feel of a cool forest floor underfoot, aged moss-covered rocks lining your very own cleansing micro-stream, and the smell of fresh cedar in the air. Ripe native plants offer delectable fruit and a truly symbiotic ecological relationship with you and your backyard paradise.

Small jobs to the very large, my designs artfully weave plant and landscape to suit your needs. Are you looking for a beautiful escape from the pressures of life? Do you want a productive garden? How about a mix of both? Are you looking for a drought-resistant, low maintenance yard? Did you see a picture in a magazine and get inspired?

Now imagine all of this professional service at a competitive price! Let us design your dream yard today. Call Eric to schedule a free consultation and estimate today. Serving Lane County, Oregon.

Garden & Landscape Services:
– Raised Bed Construction (Cement Blocks or Cedar)
– Organic Soil Delivery & Supplementation
– Edible Plants/Bushes + Native Flora & Fauna
– Biological Pest Control & Integrated Pest Management
– Trellises, arches, gates, vertical gardens
– Flagstone Pathways, Cement Patio Pavers
– Tight & Loose-Fit Stone Retaining Walls, Cement Block Walls
– Dry Stream Beds, Other Stone Work
– Rain Gardens, French Drains
– Pernicious Plant/Small Tree Removal
– Lawns (Sod & Seed), Edging Strips, Mulching
– Mushroom Beds
– Yard Fencing
– Regular Yard Maintenance
– Irrigation Systems & Water Features

Eric Crawford
OLCB# 8983
LCB# 8983

Phone: (541) 521-8281