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Preparing for your new lawn

September is the best month to start your new lawn and ensure you will be [...]

Why September is the Best Month for Your Lawn

There is perhaps no greater love-hate relationship home owners have than with their lawn.

Low Maintenance Perennials

As all of us experienced gardeners know, very few perennials are completely maintenance free. That [...]

September Gardening Tips

September is a special time in the garden with sunny warm days and cool nights [...]

Gardening in the Dog Days of Summer

Fertilize and Water. If I tell you to do two things at this time of [...]

Beating the heat

One unique adage Oregon residents have spoken over countless years is that Oregon summers don’t [...]

The Joy of Mint

As long as I can remember, I have been harvesting mint for fresh brewed tea. [...]

August Gardening Tips

The bounty of summer has finally arrived! It seems as though everything in the garden [...]

How to Firescape Your Garden

Did you know you can help prevent your home, yard and garden from forest fires?

Methods for Removing Garden Gophers

As illustrated in my last piece, gophers can cause hell for a gardener!

Landscaping 101: Different Plant Types

Are you new to gardening or landscaping?

July Gardening Tips

Summer is officially in full effect! Everyone and everything is enjoying the long, sunny days.

Tips & Tricks for Growing Tomatoes

Few things evoke summertime like red ripe tomatoes, fresh from the garden.

Locally Grown Guide

Willamette Farm & Food Coalition produces an annual guide for locally grown and raised agricultural [...]

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