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How Soil Makes You Happy: The Effects of Soil on the Human Brain

As gardeners we already know that playing in the dirt is possibly the best and [...]

Astrology in the Garden

I truly believe gardening and the energy of the universe go hand in hand. The [...]

A Winter Garden

As the color and autumn hues have become a distant memory, the crisp defined shapes [...]

January Gardening Tips

January can be a tricky month for gardeners. On one hand, there is the potential [...]

Winter Garden First Aid

Are you dealing with a frozen garden encased in ice? The first major winter storm [...]

Quick Color Tip for Winter Gardens

Once leaves fall from shrubs in the landscape, things can get a bit bleak. Peppering [...]

December Garden Tips

This month it is official, winter is finally here! The hustle and bustle of both [...]

Which Leaves Do I Leave?

Torn between raking or not? When should you leave your leaves? All leaves are not [...]

November Gardening Tips

Even in the late fall or early winter there’s always something to do in the [...]

Fall “Bulbing” 101

Glorious spring days would not be the same without a few bright tulips. This seasonal [...]

October Gardening Tips

It’s “Trick or Treat” month! With harvest season in full swing, October is loaded with [...]

Establish a lush lawn by renovating or planting in early fall

Lawns languish in the heat of summer unless showered with the water they require to [...]

Putting your garden to bed

With October looming and the scent of fall in the air, we are often busy [...]

Getting your new lawn off to a great start

Creating a successful and vibrant lawn means taking the proper steps.

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